Metia Interactive

Metia Interactive
Privately Owned
Industry Computer and video game industry
Entertainment industry
Founded 2003[1]
Headquarters Auckland, New Zealand
Key people
Maru Nihoniho

Metia Interactive is a game development studio based in Auckland, New Zealand. They are a member of the NZGDA. Metia Interactive specialises in designing and creating game art assets, including modelling and texturing, as well as pre-rendered and realtime animations.

Metia is a licensed developer for the Sony PlayStation Portable. Their PlayStation Portable title, Cube, was awarded Runner Up for Best Unsigned Game (Professional) at the Australian Game Developers Conference, 2005.[2] Cube is being published by D3 Publisher.[3] The game features sound and music by New Zealand electronica band, Pitch Black.[4]

Metia also had other titles in development, the mobile phone game Takaro, which was a futuristic action game. As well as The Guardian, a sci-fi adventure game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which has the possibility to be the first Maori themed game for the video game console market, featuring a female Maori lead.[5]

Metia also has a joint venture with Film Factory New Zealand to work on The Guardian, which additional to the game, has a feature film in development.[6]

Games Developed by Metia Interactive


Official Website Cube: 3D Puzzle Mayhem SPARX

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