Vereniging Natuurmonumenten

Vereniging tot Behoud van Natuurmonumenten in Nederland
Founded April 22, 1905
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Area served
ca. 735,000
ca. 2,250

Vereniging tot Behoud van Natuurmonumenten in Nederland (English: Society for preservation of nature monuments in the Netherlands) is a Dutch organisation founded in 1905 by Jac. P. Thijsse, that buys, protects and manages nature reserves in the Netherlands. The first area that the organisation purchased in 1905 was to protect the Naardermeer, southeast of Amsterdam. The organisation had 355 sites under management in the year 2010, with a total area of 1029.51 km². The largest is De Wieden (58.47 km²) and the smallest is Fort Ellewoutsdijk (0.01 km²). The organisation also owns 1700 buildings, of which 250 were provincial or national monuments. In 2013 the organization had 735,000 members[1] and it is Headquartered in 's-Graveland.

The organisation was awarded the Gouden Ganzenveer in 1986.[2]


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