Nawab of Awadh

Flag of Nawabs of Awadh, introduced during the reign of Ghazi-ud-Din Haider (1814–1827).
Short seal of Nawabs of Awadh, introduced during the reign of Ghazi-ud-Din Haider (1814–1827).
Other Seal, introduced during the reign of Ghazi-ud-Din Haider (1814–1827).

The Nawab of Awadh or the Nawab of Oudh (IPA: /ˈaʊd/) was the title of the rulers who governed the state of Oudh or Awadh in India during the 18th and 19th centuries. The Nawabs of Awadh belonged to a dynasty of Qaraqoyunlu origin from Nishapur, Iran.[1][2][3] In 1724, Nawab Sa'adat Khan established the Oudh State.


Establishment of the State of Oudh

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As the Mughal Empire declined, the emperors lost their power and became puppets and prisoners of their new overlords, the Marathas. Awadh thus grew stronger and more independent. The capital city at the time was Faizabad.

List of rulers

All of these rulers used the title of Nawab.

Nawabs of Awadh (1722–1856)

Portrait Titular Name Personal Name Birth Reign Death
Burhan ul Mulk Sa'adat Khan
برہان الملک سعادت خان
Mir Muhammad Amin Musawi 1680 Nishapur, Khurasan, Safavid dynasty, Persia 1722 – 19 March 1739 1739
Abul-Mansur Khan Safdar Jung
ابو المنصور خان صفدرجنگ
Muhammad Muqim 1708 1739 – 5 October 1754 1754
شجاع الدولہ
Jalal-ud-din Haider Abul-Mansur Khan 1732 1754 – 26 January 1775 1775
آصف الدولہ
Muhammad Yahya Mirza Amani 1748 26 January 1775 – 21 September 1797 1797
Asif Jah Mirza Wazir Ali Khan
وزیر علی خان
1780 21 September 1797 – 21 January 1798 1817
Yamin-ud-Daula Saadat Ali Khan II
سعادت علی خان
1752 21 January 1798 – 11 July 1814 1814
Abul-Muzaffar Ghazi-ud-din Haydar Khan
غازی الدیں حیدر
1769 11 July 1814 – 19 October 1827 1827
Nasir-ud-din Haidar Shah Jahan
ناصر الدیں حیدر شاہ ‌جہاں
Abul-Mansur Qutb-ud-din Sulaiman Jah 1827 19 October 1827 – 7 July 1837 1837
Abul Fateh Moin-ud-din Muhammad Ali Shah
محمّد علی شاہ
1777 7 July 1837 – 7 May 1842 1842
Najm-ud-Daula Abul-Muzaffar Musleh-ud-din Amjad Ali Shah
امجد علی شاہ
1801 7 May 1842 – 13 February 1847 1847
Abul-Mansur Mirza Wajid Ali Shah
واجد علی شاہ
1822 13 February 1847 – 11 February 1856 21 September 1887
Begum Hazrat Mahal
بیگم حضرت محل
Muhammadi Khanum - May 1857 – 1858
Wife of Wajid Ali Shah and mother of Birjis Qadra
7 April 1879
Birjis Qadr
برجیس قدر
Ramzan Ali
رمضان علی
1845 1857–1858
(in rebellion)
14 August 1893

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