Neophyte (band)

Origin Rotterdam, Netherlands
Genres Gabber
Years active 1992–present
Labels Neophyte Records
Members Jeroen Streunding
Danny Greten
Jarno Butter
Past members Robin van Roon

Neophyte is a hardcore, or gabber, group formed in 1992 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The three original members are Jeroen Streunding (DJ Neophyte, The Beholder for hardstyle releases), Danny Greten and Robin van Roon.

Jeroen was deejaying and organising smaller parties around 1990 before he met Danny at a local party. The two of them decided to work on some tracks together. Robin van Roon also joined them after a while. Having produced some tracks on an old Amiga Computer with Protracker, the three went to visit DJ Paul Elstak who had just started his label Rotterdam Records where they hoped to be contracted. But DJ Paul Elstak considered their tracks to be pure noise. Several months and several try-outs later, Paul suddenly liked their tracks and decided to release them on his label. Years went by, as Danny, Jeroen & Robin got more releases, and started performing on parties. In 1995 Robin van Roon left the group for his studies and Jarno Butter, a guitarist and good friend of Danny, was added for their live acts.

Neophyte released a compilation album dedicated to their 13 years of existence titled 13 Jaar Terreur , which means '13 Years of Terror'. It also contains tracks of the Neophyte crew released under different names like "Bodylotion". Neophyte is also running a record label called Neophyte Records, currently hosting artists such as Tha Playah, DJ Panic and Evil Activities.


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