Nick Geber

Nick Geber
Born London, England
Show World Soccer Radio
Station(s) Sirius Satellite Radio, iHeart Radio, Sports Byline USA
Time slot 6:00 PM Pacific Time
Style Sports radio, Sports Television
Country  United States
Previous show(s) World Soccer Daily, Fox Football Fone-In, Fox Football Friday, World Series of Poker

Nick Geber (born in London, England) is a radio and television personality who co-hosted the Sirius Satellite Radio program World Soccer Daily and the TV Show Fox Football Fone-In. These ground breaking programs have been credited with helping the game of Soccer move into the mainstream.

An ardent Liverpool fan, Nick moved to the United States in 1979, where he soon joined in the United States Army. He met Steven Cohen, his co-host, in the radio business while working in corporate marketing. In addition to creating and hosting World Soccer Daily, Geber and Cohen hosted Fox Football Fone-in (formerly Fox Football Friday), a viewer-interactive television show on Fox Soccer Channel which roughly follows the format of WSD.

Nick left WSD in order to pursue poker on a full-time basis, but returned occasionally as a guest host. Howard Rogers took his place, while FSC analyst Nick Webster replaced Geber on Fox Football Fone-in. He was also the voice of the World Series of Poker Circuit and was the announcer for the Aruba Poker Classic as well as the Asian Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) Sydney Grand Final and the APPT Tournament of Champions. He co-hosted World Series of Poker Radio in 2008 and was the lead announcer alongside Howard David at the 39th Annual World Series of Poker. Nick also hosted the Bluff Magazine show Poker Night Radio on Sirius, and broadcast from the World Series of Poker.[1] and World Series of Poker Europe on ESPN3

Nick returned to the daily soccer airwaves in 2012 as host of "World Soccer Radio" on the Sports Byline USA network, iHeart Radio and American Forces Radio. His company is involved in all aspect of soccer promotion and development in the USA. Most recently, Nick promoted the Las Vegas Pro Soccer Challenge Cup in Las Vegas between the Colorado Rapids and San Jose Earthquakes.


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