Noam Scheiber

Noam Scheiber /ˈnm ˈʃbər/ is writer for The New York Times and a former senior editor for The New Republic.[1] He was with the New Republic from 2000 until 2014.[2]

Born to a Jewish family,[3] Scheiber is a Rhodes Scholar[4] and holds a masters degree in economics from Oxford University and a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Tulane University.[2]

He has contributed to numerous other news sources including The Washington Post, CNN, CNBC and National Public Radio.[2]

His book, The Escape Artists: How Obama's Team Fumbled the Recovery was released in February 2012. Based on more than 250 interviews combined with the author's own opinions it tells about the Obama administration's economic team and their handling of the economic recovery.[5][6]

On March 4, 2016, he reported [7] that the president of the Tennessee Valley Authority made in excess of $6M per year, while benefits of the "federal employees" of the TVA were being cut. The TVA is a government-owned corporation, not a branch of the Federal government, is run under an independent board of directors with the power to independently hire and fire, and the employees do not share federal employee protections.[8]


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