North British-Harrogate Tournament

North British-Harrogate Tournament
Tournament information
Location Harrogate, Yorkshire, England
Established 1947
Month played July
Final year 1954
Final champion
Eric Lester

The North British-Harrogate Tournament was a professional golf tournament played in Harrogate, Yorkshire, England. It was played annually from 1947 to 1952. Total prize money was £2100. From 1947 to 1949 there were two qualifying rounds on two courses before the 72-hole event. There was a cut after 36 holes. From 1950 to 1952 the tournament was extended to 90 holes. Two courses were used on the first two days after which there was a cut. there was a further cut after three rounds.

In 1953 the sponsor changed and the event was known as the Swallow-Harrogate Tournament. The sponsor was Swallow Raincoats. The format was also changed. There was a 36-hole qualifying stage over two courses on the first two days. the leading 64 players qualified and played six rounds of knockout 18-hole match-play on the next three days. Total prize money remained at £2100.

The 1954 event was played in two distinct parts with separate prize money. There was a 72-hole stroke-play event with £1500 prize money. The leading 16 then played knockout match-play over the next two days. This second stage had prize money of £600, so that the total prize money remained at £2100.

In 1955 Swallow Raincoats switched their sponsorship to the Penfold Tournament which became known as the Swallow-Penfold Tournament. The 1955 event had a first prize of £1000 out of total prize money of £4000.


Year Winner Country Venue Score Margin
of victory
Runner(s)-up Winner's
share (£)
North British-Harrogate Tournament
1947 Norman Von Nida  Australia Harrogate Golf Club 271 2 strokes England Charlie Ward 500 [1]
1948 Roberto de Vicenzo  Argentina Oakdale Golf Club 277 2 strokes England Reg Horne 500 [2]
1949 Charlie Ward  England Pannal Golf Club 281 2 strokes England Ken Bousfield
Argentina Antonio Cerdá
Northern Ireland Fred Daly
500 [3]
1950 Bobby Locke  South Africa Pannal Golf Club 348 3 strokes England Ken Bousfield 500 [4]
1951 Flory Van Donck  Belgium Oakdale Golf Club 337 4 strokes Australia Peter Thomson 500 [5]
1952 John Panton  Scotland Pannal Golf Club 343 6 strokes England Harry Weetman 500 [6]
Swallow-Harrogate Tournament
1953 Jack Hargreaves  England Harrogate Golf Club 2 & 1 Argentina Roberto de Vicenzo 500 [7]
Swallow-Harrogate Stroke Play Tournament
1954 Bobby Locke  South Africa Oakdale Golf Club 276 4 strokes Australia Bill Shankland 250 [8]
Swallow-Harrogate Match Play Tournament
1954 Eric Lester  England Oakdale Golf Club 2 up Argentina Antonio Cerdá 200 [9]

From 1950 to 1952 the tournament was played over 90 holes. In 1950 one round was played at Oakdale Golf Club. In 1951 one round was played at Pannal Golf Club. In 1952 one round was played at Harrogate Golf Club. In the stroke play stage of the 1954 event, one round was played at Pannal Golf Club.


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