Peter van der Veer

Peter van der Veer is a Dutch anthropologist who has made important scholarly contributions by challenging earlier perceptions regarding Indian religion and society.[1] Formerly Professor of Comparative Religion and Director of the Religion and Society Research Centre at the University of Amsterdam, van der Veer is currently University Professor at Utrecht University.

Life and career

Van der Veer was born in 1953, in Groningen, Netherlands, and received his doctorate from the Utrecht University in 1986.

He is Editor of the Routledge series "Zones of Religion" and holds editorial positions at several scholarly journals including Eastern Anthropologist, Public Culture, Cultural Dynamics, Ethnos, and MERA-Journal.

He is a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) since 2002,[2] from which he received the Dr Hendrik Muller Prize for Behavioural and Social Sciences in 2001.

Representative publications

Edited works


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