Pie Corbett

Pie Corbett
Born Sedlescombe, East Sussex, England
Occupation Writer
Nationality English
Children Poppy Corbett

Pie Corbett is an English educational writer and a poet who has written well over two hundred books. He is well known for promoting creative approaches in the classroom and has had a great deal of experience as a teacher, head teacher and Ofsted inspector. He regularly lectures on education all around the United Kingdom.[1] Due to his efforts, the UK government consult him as an educational advisor.

His Name, Pie, originates from a Latin meaning which is translated as "Pie-lover", meaning to love eating pie. It is unclear whether the meaning is based from sweet or savoury pies. [1]


Early life

Corbett was born and raised in Sedlescombe, East Sussex, on a farm where he was one of five brothers.


He studied Education at East Sussex College of Higher Education.


Corbett has written a number of books, aimed specifically to benefit learning in grade school children.[2] With his daughter Poppy Corbett he is the co-author of The Enormous Book of Talk for Writing Games (London: Philip and Tacey, 2013).[3]

He has contributed regularly to the Times Educational Supplement.[4] He has also been the editor or co-editor of many collections of poems. Early in his writing career he published a popular collection of poetry with Brian Moses and John Rice entitled Rice Pie and Moses. He has been featured on various CDs and DVDs concerning education and/or poetry.


He was a primary school teacher with Brian Moses, where he taught maths and wrote poetry. He became a headmaster.[5]

He was heavily involved in the creation of the i-read[6] software at the Hitachi laboratory at Cambridge University. The purpose of the software is to help children learn how to read via "visual and auditory props".[7]

Corbett, while working at the University of Gloucestershire, created the Articled Teacher Scheme.[8] He also created a unique "storytelling approach" for children to remember stories with and results with improved literacy. This method was then taken up by the National Strategies 'Talk for writing' programme,[9] after he presented it to The National Strategies organization in 2008.[10][11] Corbett was also the creator of the Storymaking Schools Programme for the Story Museum, along with making the "poetry objectives for the National Literacy Strategy."[12]

In 2008, Corbett was asked by the English Ministers of Education to make a "classroom DVD on how to encourage pupils to write".[13]



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