Praia D'el Rey European Cup

Praia D'El Rey
Location in Portugal

The Praia D'el Rey European Cup was an annual professional golf tournament played at Praia D'El Rey, Portugal. It was played in 1997, 1998 and 1999 between teams of men representing the European Seniors Tour and ladies representing the Ladies European Tour. There was no handicap but the men and women played off different tees.

The men won the first event 13–7 in 1997 and retained the cup in 1998 after a 10–10 tie. The ladies won the final event 11–9 in 1999.[1] Tommy Horton and Marie-Laure de Lorenzi were the captains on each occasion.


Year Winning Team Score Losing Team
1997 European Senior Tour 13 7 Ladies European Tour
1998 European Senior Tour 10 10 Ladies European Tour
1999 Ladies European Tour 11 9 European Senior Tour


The following are those who played in at least one of the three matches.

European Seniors Tour

Ladies European Tour


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