Revised Romanization of Hangeul

The Romanization of Hangeul (Korean: 한글의 로마자 표기법; literally Roman letter notation of Hangeul), also known as RR transliteration (Revised Romanization transliteration), was the official Hangeul romanization system in South Korea proclaimed by Ministry of Education replacing the older International Phonetic Notation of Korean phonology (Korean: 조선어음의 만국 음성부호 표기),[1] from 1959 to 1984.

Transliteration rules

Consonant letters

Romanization g gg n d dd r/l m b bb s ss ng j jj ch k t p h

Vowel letters

Romanization a ae ya yae eo e yeo ye o oa oae oi yo u ueo ue ui yu eu eui i

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  1. List of comparative data for main romanization of Korean (.hwp), The National Institute of the Korean Language (Korean)
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