Ronde van Noord-Holland

Ronde Van Noord-Holland
Race details
Date Late April
Region Noord-Holland, Netherlands
English name Tour of North Holland
Local name(s) Ronde Van Noord-Holland (Dutch)
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type Single-day
First edition 1946 (1946)
Editions 69 (as of 2015)
First winner  Joop Middelink (NED)
Most wins  Jans Koerts (NED) (3 wins)
Most recent  Johim Ariesen (NED)

Ronde Van Noord-Holland is a single-day road bicycle race held annually in April in Noord-Holland, Netherlands. In 2005 the race was organized as a 1.1 event on the UCI Europe Tour. Since 2006, it is rated 1.2.


Rider Team
1946 Netherlands Middelink, JoopJoop Middelink (NED)
1947 Netherlands Van Beek, GerardGerard Van Beek (NED)
1948 Netherlands Krever, JohannesJohannes Krever (NED)
1949 Netherlands Verwijmeren, PietPiet Verwijmeren (NED)
1950 Netherlands Wagtmans, WoutWout Wagtmans (NED)
1951 Netherlands Dekkers, HansHans Dekkers (NED)
1952 Netherlands Van Roon, PietPiet Van Roon (NED)
1953 Netherlands Verhoeven, WoutWout Verhoeven (NED)
1954 Netherlands Keepers, KarelKarel Keepers (NED)
1955 Belgium Van Meenen, RenéRené Van Meenen (BEL)
1956 Netherlands Rol, JanJan Rol (NED)
1957 Netherlands Van De Putten, JoopJoop Van De Putten (NED)
1958 Netherlands Scholten, HarryHarry Scholten (NED)
1959 Netherlands Scholten, HarryHarry Scholten (NED)
1960 Netherlands Sluis, AbAb Sluis (NED)
1961 Netherlands Janssens, JanJan Janssens (NED)
1962 Netherlands Cornelisse, HenkHenk Cornelisse (NED)
1963 Netherlands Paul, MarinusMarinus Paul (NED)
1964 Netherlands Karstens, GerbenGerben Karstens (NED)
1965 Netherlands Dolman, EvertEvert Dolman (NED)
1966 Netherlands Beugels, EddyEddy Beugels (NED)
1967 Netherlands Dubois, WimWim Dubois (NED)
1968 Netherlands Jansen, HarryHarry Jansen (NED)
1969 Netherlands Jansen, HarryHarry Jansen (NED)
1970 Netherlands Tabak, TinoTino Tabak (NED)
1971 Netherlands Bakker, NannoNanno Bakker (NED)
1972 Netherlands De Waal, WimWim De Waal (NED)
1973 Netherlands Van Katwijk, PietPiet Van Katwijk (NED)
1974 Netherlands Smith, TheoTheo Smith (NED)
1975 Netherlands Van Der Kruijs, PietPiet Van Der Kruijs (NED)
1976 Netherlands van Houwelingen, AdrieAdrie van Houwelingen (NED)
1977 Netherlands Van Est, BartBart Van Est (NED)
1978 Netherlands Mutsaars, HenkHenk Mutsaars (NED)
1979 Netherlands De Rooij, TheoTheo De Rooij (NED)
1980 Netherlands Hogervorst, TheoTheo Hogervorst (NED)
1981 Netherlands Maas, PeerPeer Maas (NED)
1982 Netherlands Wallenburg, TheoTheo Wallenburg (NED)
1983 Netherlands Kistemaker, ErwinErwin Kistemaker (NED)
1984 Netherlands Van De Klundert, NicoNico Van De Klundert (NED)
1985 Netherlands Schipper, GerardGerard Schipper (NED)
1986 Netherlands Moorman, RalphRalph Moorman (NED)
1987 Netherlands Rasch, PatrickPatrick Rasch (NED)
1988 Netherlands Pots, DavidDavid Pots (NED)
1989 Netherlands Stroombergen, ErikErik Stroombergen (NED)
1990 Netherlands Kistemaker, ErwinErwin Kistemaker (NED)
1991 Netherlands Koerts, JansJans Koerts (NED)
1992 Netherlands Dorgelo, HenriHenri Dorgelo (NED)
1993 Netherlands Rasch, PatrickPatrick Rasch (NED)
1994 Netherlands Reijrink, LucLuc Reijrink (NED)
1995 Netherlands Den Braber, JohnJohn Den Braber (NED)
1996 Netherlands Kemna, RudiRudi Kemna (NED)
1997 Netherlands Vonk, BjornBjorn Vonk (NED)
1998 Netherlands De Koning, LouisLouis De Koning (NED)
1999 Netherlands Koerts, JansJans Koerts (NED) Team Cologne
2000 Norway Vestøl, BjørnarBjørnar Vestøl (NOR) Linda McCartney Racing Team
2001 Netherlands Van Dijk, StefanStefan Van Dijk (NED) BankGiroLoterij-Batavus
2002 Netherlands Kemna, RudiRudi Kemna (NED) BankGiroLoterij-Batavus
2003 Netherlands Koerts, JansJans Koerts (NED) BankGiroLoterij
2004 Netherlands Van Dijk, StefanStefan Van Dijk (NED) Lotto-Domo
2005 Netherlands Van Schalen, PaulPaul Van Schalen (NED) Axa Pro Cycling Team
2006 Netherlands Reus, KaiKai Reus (NED) Rabobank Continental Team
2007 Netherlands Van Hummel, KennyKenny Van Hummel (NED) Skil–Shimano
2008 Germany Wagner, RobertRobert Wagner (GER) Skil–Shimano
2009 Netherlands Bos, TheoTheo Bos (NED) Rabobank Continental Team
2010 Germany Wagner, RobertRobert Wagner (GER) Skil–Shimano
2011 Belgium Wytinck, NielsNiels Wytinck (BEL) Colba-Mercury
2012 Lithuania Bagdonas, GediminasGediminas Bagdonas (LTU) An Post–Sean Kelly
2013 Netherlands Groenewegen, DylanDylan Groenewegen (NED) Cycling Team De Rijke–Shanks
2014 No race
2015 Netherlands Ariesen, JohimJohim Ariesen (NED) Metec-TKH Cycling Team p/b Mantel
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