Sadr ad-Din Dashtaki

Sayyid Sadr Al-Din Dashtaki or Sayyed Sanad was an Iranian Shia philosopher and theologian. He counts as the founder of the Shiraz school of philosophy.[1]


Sadr Al din was born in Dashtah, a region near Shiraz.[1] His complete name was Sayyid Muhammad b. Mansur Al Husayni Al Dashtaki. He was born in Shiraz on second of 829/19 June.[2] He counted as the first in the Dastaki family who confessed apparently to shiism sect.According to Pourjavady,It seems that he was a Zaydi.[3] He also challenged with Jalāl-al-Dīn Davānī on the legality of Shia.[4]


Dashtaki was educated along with his cousin and learned Arabic literature and Islamic law with him. He studied rational sciences with Qawam Al Din Al-Kurbali. Kurbali had an important role in introducing Sadr Al-Din to Philosophical discussion, as did Sayyid Muslim Farsi, who was the teacher of Sadr Al-Din in logic and philosophy. Sadr Al Din was also involved in building the houses.[3]

Mansuriyyah Madrasah

Sadr Al-Din built a madrasah and called it Mansuriyyah, the name of his son. This Madrasah is still active in the center of Shiraz, according to Kakaei.[5]



Sadr Al Din led a rebellion against the Ruler of Shiraz and was killed by a group of Turkmans on order of Ruler Qasem Bey. He died on 17 Ramadan 903/9 May 1498.[6]


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