Slave Island (X-Men)

"Slave Island"
X-Men: The Animated Series episode

Gambit, Jubilee, and Storm are captured and collars are put around their necks and are forced to work
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 7
Written by Mark Edward Edens
Production code 107
Original air date February 13, 1993
Episode chronology

Slave Island is an episode of the animated series X-Men. It originally aired on February 13, 1993.


Hearing that mutants are welcome on the island nation of Genosha, Professor Xavier sends Storm, Gambit, and Jubilee there for a vacation. Here they were captured by a Sentinel in last episode, Cold Vengeance.

They are taken to a Slave Island, where mutants are forced to construct a dam. Here Northstar, Aurora, Sunfire, Mystique, Rictor, Warpath, Blob, Feral, Domino and a lot of other mutants are also captured. All the mutants have a bomb collar on their necks, so they can't escape. They tell them that they will turn off the collars so that they can use their powers for work and if anyone tries to escape his/her collar will be reactivated of if they will take it off, it will explode. Storm tries to escape, but is captured. So, she is put in Isolation in a box, which affects her greatly for her claustrophobia.

The rest of the mutants start working. Jubilee had taken a metal wire, and gets out of her cell with it. She tells everyone they should jump the guy that has the control switch for the collars and get free, But no one listens, so she goes back in her cell.

Back at the X-Mansion, Cyclops tries to call Storm and the other, but can't get through. Right then Wolverine also returns. Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue prepare to go to Genosha. Professor X stays behind because he has some things to do.

Back in the slave camp, when the mutants go for work, Sunfire tells Jubilee that they took Gambit during the night. Jubilee attacks the man with the control for the collars, but it doesn't work, so she is captured and sent in solitude in a box. Someone had told the Sentinels of Jubilee's plan.

Then we see Bolivar Trask telling Henry Peter Gyrich about his newest creation and a factory to build new Sentinels, he calls it Master Mold. Master mold is a huge Sentinel that creates smaller ones. Then Cameron Hodge and a government official named Leader come to ask them about the revolt. Gyrich says he allowed it to happen to break the mutants' spirit. Then he tells them that Gambit had told them of the revolt.

When they are taking Gambit back to the prison, he escapes. Then the men try to shoot Gambit, but Cable saves him. He tells Gambit, he is looking for someone named the Leader. Gambit tells him he's inside the factory. Cable gives Gambit a key to unlock the collar, and goes towards the factory.

Gambit frees Storm and Jubilee and he takes off their collars. Meanwhile, Cable starts shooting at the factory with his bomb gun and Master Mold loses his power. At the camp Gambit, Storm, and Jubilee attack the Sentinels. Jubilee takes the control from the guard and frees everyone. So now all the mutants start fighting with the Guards and Sentinels. Jubilee tries to get them to join them in stopping the sentinels but they refuse saying that they followed her leadership to escape once to a disaster but they'll destroy the Sentinels after they have claimed all of the island of Genosha. Then all the mutants flee. Storm creates a huge storm to bring down the dam.

At the factory Cable gets inside and after the Leader, but a Sentinel attacks him from behind. While Cable is busy with the Sentinel, the Leader escapes. When the dam is destroyed, it destroys the entire sentinel factory. Then the other X-Men arrive and they board the X-Jet and leave for the X-Mansion. Cyclops calls Professor, but no one answers. When they get to the X-Mansion, they find that it has been destroyed.


A review described the Sentinels to be less threatening in the episode in comparison to their roles in other episodes, however the episode setting up various characters, including Master Mold's role in the season finale and the following episode featuring Juggernaut. The review also praised Gambit's characteristics in the episode, with his character having been little introduced at the point of the episode in the series. However, it considered the nature of Cable's character in the episode confusing, to the point that he seems a different character when he later appears. The reviewer notably criticized the shows background artists considering that the scene at the end in which the X-Men return to the untidy mansion could have been better.[1]



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