Surat Metropolitan Region

Surat metropolitan area
State Gujarat
Districts Surat
Area 4,255 km²
Population (2016) 7600000
Density (2016) 4,065/km²
  • Postal
  • Telephone
  • Vehicle
394 0xx to 395 0XX
+0261, 026XX,
GJ-5(Surat), GJ-28(Surat-West), GJ-19(Bardoli), GJ-21(Navsari), GJ-26(Vyara)
Time zone IST (UTC +5:30)

The Surat Metropolitan Region—SMR, or Surat Metropolitan Area, is a metropolitan area consisting of the city of Surat and its satellite towns, in the state of Gujarat, coastal northwestern India.[1]


Surat Metropolitan Region is India's sixth largest metropolitan region in terms of area.

The City of Surat (Municipal Corporation of Surat) has an area of 326.515 square kilometres (126.068 sq mi) and a population of 4,767,789 (2010), in a density of 15,238 people/km². The Surat Metropolitan Region, including the City of Surat, has an area of 4,255 square kilometres (1,643 sq mi) and a of 6,512,000 (2010 estimate), in a density of 4,065 people/km².

Greater Surat Metropolitan Region map.

The metropolitan limits of the Surat Metropolitan Region were extended in 2008 by the State's Urban Development Ministry, from 800 square kilometres (310 sq mi) to 4,255 square kilometres (1,643 sq mi). The extension added sections of Navsari and Dang districts, to the Tang and Surat district sections.

Developing over a period of about 18 years, the metropolitan region consists of: 1 municipal corporation (City of Surat); 9 municipalities; and 6 Counter-magnet towns and cities.[2]


Municipalities within the Surat Metropolitan Region include:

  1. Navsari
  2. Kanakpur-Kansad
  3. Kadodara
  4. Vijalpor
  5. Bardoli
  6. Tarasadi
  7. Gandevi
  8. Billimora
  9. Sachin

Satellite towns

Satellite towns within the Surat Metropolitan Region include:

  1. Kamrej
  2. Palsana
  3. Sayan
  4. Udhana
  5. Bamroli
  6. Amroli
  7. Hazira
  8. Kim


Counter-magnet towns and cities are identified as those that can be developed as alternative centers of growth and attract migrants to them, rather than the City of Surat and Surat Metropolitan Region.

The Surat Metropolitan Region has six counter-magnets in three directions. Bharuch and Ankleshwar in the north, Vyara and Songadh in the east, and Valsad and Vapi in the south. They range between 70–130 kilometres (43–81 mi) from the City of Surat. The six are part of the Gujarat state government's Twin City project.

The Surat Metropolitan Region Counter-magnet towns and cities are:

  1. Bharuch
  2. Ankleshwar
  3. Vyara
  4. Songadh
  5. Valsad
  6. Vapi


The area is within the following districts of Gujarat state:

  1. Surat district
  2. Navsari district (partial)
  3. Dang district (partial)
  4. Tapi district (partial)


Metropolitan Surat economic centers and industries map.

Surat Urban Development Authority

The entire area is overseen by the Surat Urban Development Authority—SUDA, a Gujarat state government organisation in charge of town planning, development, transport and housing.

Surat Metropolitan Region Development Authority

The Surat Urban Development Authority has faced difficulties in developing proper integrated planning of the region. As a result, a new urban development body, the Surat Metropolitan Region Development Authority, was planned in 2008 for the entire Surat Metropolitan Region. Although it is under SUDA authorities, the area outside of Surat Municipal Corporation lacks organised development.

The metropolitan region is known for haphazard and illegal development resulting from rapid urbanisation. The examples of haphazard development are Chalthan and Kim on NH 8, and Hazira on NH 6. Some fear it is on the verge of becoming a mega-slum.

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