Symbols (band)

Origin São Paulo, Brazil
Genres Heavy metal, power metal
Years active 1997-2004
Associated acts Angra, Mitrium, Almah
Past members Eduardo Falaschi
Rodrigo Arjonas
Rodrigo Mello
Tito Falaschi
Demian Tiguez
Marcello Panzardi
Fabrizio Di Sarno
César Talarico

Symbols was a Brazilian heavy metal band founded in 1997 and dissolved in 2004. It featured vocals from both Eduardo and Tito Falaschi.

After two very successful releases, Symbols (self-titled) and Call to the End, the band received rising popularity. But as Edu Falaschi joined Angra in 2001 and Tito and Arjonas left, the band nearly broke up. But Rodrigo Mello (Drummer) and Demian Tiguez (Guitar) produced and released in 2004 the album "Faces" with Demian as a lead singer. For this album the bass player Cesar Tallarico joined the band with the keyboardist Fabrizio Di Sarno. In 2005, with a new label, their first two albums were remastered and released.

Final line-up

Pre-final line-up members


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