Thaikulame Thaikulame

Thaaikulame Thaaikulame
Directed by N. Murugesh
Produced by Kovai M. Murugesan
Story by K. Bhagyaraj
Starring Pandiarajan
Vinaya Prasad
Music by Deva
Cinematography G. Rajendran
Edited by M. Ganesan
Release dates
  • 22 September 1995 (1995-09-22)


Country India
Language Tamil

Thaikulame Thaikulame is a 1995 Tamil film directed by N. Murugesh while the story was written by K. Bhagyaraj. The film stars Pandiarajan, Urvashi and Vinaya Prasad in lead roles while Vadivelu, R. Sundarrajan starring in supporting roles. Music was composed by Deva. The film did well at the box office.[2] The film was remade in Telugu as Intlo Illalu Vantintlo Priyuralu with Venkatesh, in Hindi as Gharwali Baharwali with Anil Kapoor and in Kannada as Naanu Nanna Hendthiru with V. Ravichandran.


Pandiarajan and Urvashi have no children even after being married for a long time, Pandiarajan comes to know through the doctor that his wife cannot bear children. Not willing to hurt his wife's feelings, he takes the blame on himself. While on a business tour to Nepal, he marries a Nepali girl (Vinaya) under some unavoidable circumstances. When he comes to know that she is carrying his child, Pandiarajan arranges for her stay at his friend's house. Vinaya delivers a boy and Pandiarajan adopts him with his wife's consent who is not aware of the truth. Unable to suppress her urge to be near her child, the Nepali girl comes as a cook to her husband's house. Pandiarajan's father (R Sundarrajan) comes to know the truth and tells his son to accept Vinaya and make a clean of things to Urvashi. But Pandiarajan who is apprehensive of his wife's reaction begs his father to keep the whole affair under wraps. The story takes a turn to climax when Urvashi, not happy with the goings on in the kitchen, tries to get Vinaya married off to someone else. The movie ends on a happy note when Urvashi comes to a compromise and the two wives live happily with one husband .




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