Tour de Berlin

Tour de Berlin
Race details
Date May
Region Berlin, Germany
Discipline Road race
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type One day race
First edition 1953 (1953)
Editions 64 (as of 2016)
First winner  Willy Irrgang (RFA)
Most wins  Burkhard Ebert (RFA) (4 wins)
Most recent  Rémi Cavagna (FRA)

The Tour de Berlin is a road bicycle race held annually in Germany. It is organized as a 2.2U event on the UCI Europe Tour, meaning it is reserved for under-23 riders.[1]


Year Winner Second Third
1953 West Germany Willy Irrgang Sweden Yngve Lundh West Germany Albert Mussfeld
1954 West Germany Wolfgang Grupe West Germany Willy Irrgang West Germany Heinz Moltje
1955 West Germany Paul Maue West Germany Edi Ziegler West Germany Willy Irrgang
1956 Sweden Herbert Dahlbom West Germany Edi Ziegler Belgium Jos Hoevenaers
1957 Belgium Frans Aerenhouts West Germany Hans Matern Poland Eligiusz Grabowski
1958 Belgium Emile Daems Belgium Albert Debremaeker West Germany Otto Altweck
1959 Belgium Hugo Verlinden Switzerland Hans Schleuniger West Germany Horst Schellhammer
1960 West Germany Dieter Puschel Belgium Marcel Van Den Bogaert West Germany Heinz Barth
1961 Belgium Roger de Breuker West Germany Karl Raab Netherlands Cees Dieperink
1962 Belgium Georges Vandenberghe Sweden Owe Adamsson West Germany Burkhard Ebert
1963 West Germany Heinz Rüschoff Austria Hans Furian West Germany Siegfried Koch
1964 West Germany Paul Horn West Germany Peter Glemser Belgium Roger Swerts
1965 West Germany Lutz Löschke West Germany Ortwin Czarnowski Switzerland André Rosseel
1966 West Germany Burkhard Ebert West Germany Manfred Mücke West Germany Ludwig Troche
1967 West Germany Burkhard Ebert Sweden Gösta Pettersson West Germany Manfred Mücke
1968 West Germany Ortwin Czarnowski West Germany Burkhard Ebert Denmark Mogens Frey
1969 West Germany Burkhard Ebert West Germany Klaus Simon West Germany Hanno Podbielski
1970 Denmark Verner Blaudzun Denmark Bill Sejer Nielsen Sweden Sven-Åke Nilsson
1971 West Germany Burkhard Ebert Denmark Jørgen Emil Hansen Norway Magne Orre
1972 West Germany Erwin Tischler Sweden Leif Hansson Sweden Sven-Åke Nilsson
1973 West Germany Andreas Troche West Germany Burckhard Bremer West Germany Erwin Derlick
1974 Norway Thorleif Andresen West Germany Wilfried Trott Norway Tom Martin Biseth
1975 West Germany Jürgen Kraft Finland Harry Hannus West Germany Rainer Podlesch
1976 West Germany Hans Michalsky Switzerland Hans Aemisegger Belgium Rudy Pevenage
1977 West Germany Rainer Podlesch West Germany Olaf Paltian Finland Harry Hannus
1978 West Germany Volker Kasun Denmark Henning Jørgensen Netherlands Wim van Steenis
1979 Norway Morten Sæther Norway Dag Erik Pedersen Norway Ole Kristian Silseth
1980 Finland Harry Hannus West Germany Olaf Paltian West Germany Peter Becker
1981 West Germany Michael Marx West Germany Peter Becker Finland Sixten Wackström
1982 West Germany Peter Becker West Germany Rainer Podlesch West Germany Frank Plambeck
1983 Norway Morten Sæther Finland Kari Myyryläinen Switzerland Laurent Vial
1984 Denmark Kim Eriksen Denmark John Carlsen Denmark Jesper Skibby
1985 United States Jeff Pierce United States Roy Knickman Germany Marek Kuleszak
1986 West Germany Remig Stumpf Finland Kari Myyryläinen West Germany Hartmut Bölts
1987 West Germany Roland Günther West Germany Frank Plambeck Denmark Peter Meinert Nielsen
1988 Netherlands Eric Cent West Germany Frank Plambeck West Germany Thomas Dürst
1989 Italy Giovanni Lombardi West Germany Sigi Hobel West Germany Ed Kaczmarczyk
1990 Netherlands Leo Peelen Italy Giovanni Lombardi Germany Rolf Aldag
1991 Germany Steffen Wesemann Denmark Dan Frost Denmark Jan Bo Petersen
1992 Denmark Jan Bo Petersen Czech Republic Pavel Padrnos Germany Uwe Berndt
1993 Germany Ralf Schmidt Germany Torsten Schmidt Sweden Glenn Magnusson
1994 Lithuania Remigius Lupeikis Germany Andreas Bach Germany Ralf Koldewitz
1995 Denmark Jan Bo Petersen Germany Ralf Koldewitz Germany Andreas Walzer
1996 Germany Guido Fulst Germany André Kalfack Germany Robert Bartko
1997 Sweden Jan Karlsson Germany Sven Steiner Denmark Tayeb Braikia
1998 Italy Giorgio Bosisio Germany Stan Marschinke Germany Enrico Poitschke
1999 Germany Lars Schröder Italy Paolo Ardizzi Germany Björn Schröder
2000 Poland Bernhard Bocian Poland Gregorz Rosolinski Poland Zbigniew Wyrzykowski
2001 Germany Andreas Günther Germany Markus Fothen Germany Björn Schröder
2002 Italy Devid Garbelli Italy Mirco Lorenzetto Italy Maurizio Biondo
2003 Switzerland Andreas Dietziker Russia Stanislav Belov Germany Christian Knees
2004 Netherlands Tom Veelers Germany Andreas Welsch Denmark Kasper Klostergaard Larsen
2005 Belgium Dominique Cornu Italy Tiziano Dall'Antonia Germany Christoph Meschenmoser
2006 Denmark Alex Rasmussen United Kingdom Mark Cavendish Germany Philipp Seubert
2007 Germany Michael Franzl Germany Frank Schulz Germany Jörg Lehmann
2008 Australia Travis Meyer Austria Matthias Brändle Australia Matt King
2009 Germany Franz Schiewer Netherlands Tom Relou Germany Jakob Steigmiller
2010 Netherlands Marc Goos Germany Johannes Kahra Germany Tino Thömel
2011 Germany Jasha Sütterlin Germany Thomas Koep United Kingdom Erick Rowsell
2012 Germany Nikias Arndt Germany Jan-Niklas Droste Netherlands Stefan Poutsma
2013 Denmark Mathias Møller Nielsen Netherlands Sjors Roosen Denmark Lasse Norman Hansen
2014 Netherlands Jochem Hoekstra Netherlands Elmar Reinders Germany Nils Politt
2015 Netherlands Steven Lammertink Germany Max Walscheid Belgium Aimé De Gendt
2016 France Rémi Cavagna Germany Maximilian Schachmann Denmark Kasper Asgreen


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