Tour de Tunisie

Tour de Tunisie
Race details
Date May
Region Tunisia
English name Tour of Tunisia
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Africa Tour
Type stage race
First edition 1953 (1953)
Editions 33 (2016)
First winner  Béchir Merdassi (TUN)
Most recent  Abderrahmane Mansouri (ALG)

The Tour de Tunisie is a stage cycling race held annually in Tunisia since 1953. It is rated 2.2 and is part of UCI Africa Tour.[1] The race was revived in 2016 after not being held since 2004.


Year Winner Secoond Third
1953 Tunisia Béchir Merdassi
1954 Belgium Etienne Amylink
1955 France Jean Hobjanian Tunisia Béchir Merdassi Algeria André Alcaraz
1956-58 No race
1959 Sweden Göran Karlsson Netherlands Frits Knoops Sweden Knut Karlsson
1960 Belgium Stan Goossens Sweden Karl Johansson Netherlands Werner Swaneveld
1961 France Jean-Claude Lebaube East Germany Hans Scheibner Sweden Owe Adamsson
1962 Soviet Union Sergei Korge Sweden Gösta Pettersson Netherlands Jaap de Waard
1963 No race
1964 Sweden Gösta Pettersson France Lucien Aimar Belgium Walter Godefroot
1965-77 No race
1978 Morocco Mustapha Nejjari Morocco Mustapha Afandi Morocco Mohamed Adlaoui
1979 Tunisia Moncef Ayed
1980 Netherlands Hans Koot Netherlands Piet Kuys Netherlands Herman Winkel
1981 Morocco Mustapha Nejjari
1982 Morocco Mohamed Aït Oufkir
1983 East Germany Uwe Ampler East Germany Michael Prix East Germany Andreas Lux
1984 No race
1985 East Germany Frank Karrass Algeria Farouk Hamza Tunisia Jallel Marrouche
1986 East Germany Uwe Zeidler
1987 Poland Edward Kaczmarczyk Poland Mieczeslaw Pluciak East Germany Thomas Schmidt
1988 Poland Zbigniew Albin Poland Mieczeslaw Pluciak East Germany Thomas Schmidt
1989 Algeria Sebti Benzine
1990 Tunisia Hatem Denguir Tunisia Samir Souissi
1991 Tunisia Mohamed Yazidi Germany Jürgen Blümmel Germany Reinhard Runge
1992 Tunisia Ali Marrouche
1993 Tunisia Ali Marrouche
1994 Germany Christian Lademann Morocco Abdelwahed Latrech Algeria Abdelkader Rahmani
1995 Tunisia Lamjed Belkadhi
1996 Egypt Amr Elnady
1997 Germany Patrick Moster Germany Marco Weber Germany Ingo Moster
1998-99 No race
2000 Algeria Hichem Mennad
2001 Tunisia Ahmed Mraihi
2002 Tunisia Ahmed Mraihi
2003 Morocco Brahim Laccheb
2004 South Africa Jeremy Maartens Italy Alfonso Falzarano Italy Simone Biasci
2005-2015 No race
2016 Algeria Abderrahmane Mansouri Morocco Reda Adel France Thomas Vaubourzeix


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