Tour of Romania

Tour of Romania
Race details
Date Start June
Region Romania
English name Tour of Romania
Local name(s) Turul României, Mica Buclă
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type Stage race
First edition 1934 (1934)
Editions 50 (as of 2013)
First winner  Marin Nikolov (BUL)
Most wins  Constantin Dumitrescu (ROM)
 Mircea Romaşcanu (ROM)
(3 wins)
Most recent  Vitaliy Buts (UKR)

The Tour of Romania (or “Little Loop”) is a cycling competition held in Romania. It is organised as 2.2 race on the UCI Europe Tour.


Inspired by Tour de France, the monthly publication "Car Magazine" held in August 1910 the first edition of "Circuit Wallachia". The competition took 12 riders at the start on the route BucharestSinaiaTargovisteButimanuBucharest (approximately 300 km or 190 mi). The race lasted for three editions. Since 1934 the newspaper "Daily Sport", in collaboration with Romanian Cycling Federation has organized the Tour of Romania. Romania became the sixth country in the world to organize a National Amateur Cycling Tour, after Belgium (1906), Netherlands (1909), Bulgaria (1924), Hungary (1925) and Poland (1928).

The route first edition was 1,026 km (638 mi) long and included six stages.



Rider Team
1934 Bulgaria Nikolov, MarinMarin Nikolov (BUL)
1935 Poland Zigmund, DanielDaniel Zigmund (POL)
1936 France Gallien, PierrePierre Gallien (FRA)
No race
1946 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Prosenik, AugustAugust Prosenik (YUG)
No race
1950 Romania Sandu, ConstantinConstantin Sandu (ROM)
1951 Romania Niculescu, MarinMarin Niculescu (ROM)
1952 No race
1953 Romania Vasilescu, NicolaeNicolae Vasilescu (ROM)
1954 Romania Dumitrescu, ConstantinConstantin Dumitrescu (ROM)
1955 Romania Dumitrescu, ConstantinConstantin Dumitrescu (ROM)
1956 Romania Dumitrescu, ConstantinConstantin Dumitrescu (ROM)
1957 No race
1958 Romania Moiceanu, GabrielGabriel Moiceanu (ROM)
1959 Romania Cosma, IonIon Cosma (ROM)
1960 Romania Ziegler, WalterWalter Ziegler (ROM)
1961 Romania Cosma, IonIon Cosma (ROM)
No race
1966 Romania Suciu, GeorgheGeorghe Suciu (ROM)
1967 Romania Rusu, EmilEmil Rusu (ROM)
1968 Romania Ziegler, WalterWalter Ziegler (ROM)
1969 Germany Wanzlik, JurgenJurgen Wanzlik (GER)
No race
1973 Romania Teodor, VasileVasile Teodor (ROM)
1974 Romania Romascanu, MirceaMircea Romascanu (ROM)
No race
1983 Romania Romascanu, MirceaMircea Romascanu (ROM)
1984 Romania Carutasu, ConstantinConstantin Carutasu (ROM)
1985 Romania Romascanu, MirceaMircea Romascanu (ROM)
1986 Germany Schonherr, FrankFrank Schonherr (GER)
1987 Romania Constantinescu, ValentinValentin Constantinescu (ROM)
1988 Romania Mitrache, VasileVasile Mitrache (ROM)
1989 Romania Catana, DanutDanut Catana (ROM)
1990 Romania Apostol, VasieVasie Apostol (ROM)
1991 Romania Riabuchenko, SvetoslavSvetoslav Riabuchenko (ROM)
1992 Romania Perelalsny, VladimirVladimir Perelalsny (ROM)
1993 Germany Koberschinski, JurgenJurgen Koberschinski (GER)
1994 Romania Stelian, AntonAnton Stelian (ROM)
1995 Ukraine Mitianin, IgorIgor Mitianin (UKR)
1996 No race
1997 Romania Privache, FlorinFlorin Privache (ROM)
1998 Moldova Bonciucov, IgorIgor Bonciucov (MDA)
1999 Kazakhstan Tretyakov, SergeySergey Tretyakov (KAZ)
2000 Kazakhstan Kravchenko, VadimVadim Kravchenko (KAZ)
2001 Ukraine Timchenko, LeonidLeonid Timchenko (UKR)
2002 Russia Sabalin, AlexandreAlexandre Sabalin (RUS)
2003 Netherlands van Groezen, JelleJelle van Groezen (NED)
2004 Bulgaria Koev, VladimirVladimir Koev (BUL)
2005 Bulgaria Gabrovski, IvaïloIvaïlo Gabrovski (BUL) Hemus 1896-Aurora 2000 Berchi
2006 Bulgaria Shumanov, PavelPavel Shumanov (BUL) Cycling Club Burgas
2007 Romania Anghelache, DanielDaniel Anghelache (ROM) Dinamo București
2008 Hungary Cador, RidaRida Cador (HUN) P-Nívó-Betonexpressz 2000-Corratec
2009 Russia Shchebelin, AlexeyAlexey Shchebelin (RUS) SP Tableware-Gatsoulis Bikes
2010 Bulgaria Koev, VladimirVladimir Koev (BUL) Hemus 1896-Vivelo
2011 Romania Nechita, AndreiAndrei Nechita (ROM) Romania (national team)
2012 Croatia Kvasina, MatijaMatija Kvasina (CRO) Ukraine (national team)
2013 Ukraine Buts, VitaliyVitaliy Buts (UKR) Kolss Cycling Team
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