De Vlaamse Pijl

De Vlaamse Pijl
Race details
Date Early-March
Region Harelbeke, Belgium
English name Flemish Arrow
Local name(s) Flèche flamande (French)
Discipline Road race
Competition UCI Europe Tour (as part of the Driedaagse van West-Vlaanderen)
Type Single-day
First edition 1968 (1968)
Editions 48 (as of 2016)
First winner  Julien Vermote (BEL)
Most wins  Julien Vermote (BEL)
 Eddy Planckaert (BEL)
 Patrick Hendrickx (BEL)
 Jurgen Vermeersch (BEL)
 Frédéric Amorison (BEL)
(2 wins)
Most recent  Dylan Groenewegen (NED)

De Vlaamse Pijl (English: Flemish Arrow) is a Belgian road bicycle race held annually since 1968. The race starts and ends in Harelbeke. From 2005 until 2012, it was rated as a 1.2 event on the UCI Europe Tour, however in 2013 the race was no longer held separately but became part of the Driedaagse van West-Vlaanderen stage race.[1]


Rider Team
1968 Belgium Vermote, JulienJulien Vermote (BEL)
1969 Belgium Vermeeren, EricEric Vermeeren (BEL)
1970 Belgium Vermote, JulienJulien Vermote (BEL)
1971 Belgium Ackere, Jose VanJosé Van Ackere (BEL)
1972 Belgium Demets, LucLuc Demets (BEL)
1973 Netherlands Waal, Wim DeWim De Waal (NED)
1974 Belgium Dhooghe, DanielDaniel D'Hooghe (BEL)
1975 Belgium Vergote, EmielEmiel Vergote (BEL)
1976 Netherlands Godde, PeterPeter Gödde (NED)
1977 Belgium Denul, JohnnyJohnny Denul (BEL)
1978 Belgium Planckaert, EddyEddy Planckaert (BEL)
1979 Belgium Planckaert, EddyEddy Planckaert (BEL)
1980 Netherlands Vlimmeren, Mario VanMario Van Vlimmeren (NED)
1981 Belgium Brucker, René DeRené De Brucker (BEL)
1982 Belgium Declerck, RudyRudy Declerck (BEL)
1983 Belgium Meersman, LucLuc Meersman (BEL)
1984 Belgium Westelinck, RonnyRonny Westelinck (BEL)
1985 Belgium Hendrickx, PatrickPatrick Hendrickx (BEL)
1986 Belgium Rooms, GuyGuy Rooms (BEL)
1987 Netherlands Kools, AdrieAdrie Kools (NED)
1988 Belgium Hendrickx, PatrickPatrick Hendrickx (BEL)
1989 Belgium Clercq, Eric DeEric De Clercq (BEL)
1990 Belgium Clercq, Hans DeHans De Clercq (BEL)
1991 Belgium Desmul, PascalPascal Desmul (BEL)
1992 Netherlands Bos, GinoGino Bos (NED)
1993 Belgium Smet, Andy DeAndy De Smet (BEL)
1994 Belgium Cornette, GiovanniGiovanni Cornette (BEL)
1995 Belgium Roelandt, PatrickPatrick Roelandt (BEL)
1996 Belgium Waele, Fabien DeFabien De Waele (BEL)
1997 Netherlands Kroon, KarstenKarsten Kroon (NED)
1998 Belgium Demeyere, GeoffreyGeoffrey Demeyere (BEL)
1999 Belgium Duytsche, Luc DeLuc De Duytsche (BEL)
2000 Belgium Meeusen, TimTim Meeusen (BEL)
2001 Belgium Devolder, StijnStijn Devolder (BEL)
2002 Belgium Dockx, BartBart Dockx (BEL) Domo-Sweet Paradise
2003 Belgium Vermeersch, JurgenJurgen Vermeersch (BEL) Cerdi Team
2004 Belgium Vermeersch, JurgenJurgen Vermeersch (BEL) Cerdi Team Ingelmunster
2005 No race
2006 Belgium Verbist, EvertEvert Verbist (BEL) Chocolade Jacques–Topsport Vlaanderen
2007 Belgium Vanendert, JelleJelle Vanendert (BEL) Chocolade Jacques–Topsport Vlaanderen
2008 Netherlands Schmitz, BramBram Schmitz (NED) Van Vliet-EBH Elshof
2009 Belgium Ghyselinck, JanJan Ghyselinck (BEL) Beveren 2000
2010 New Zealand Avery, ClintonClinton Avery (NZL) PWS Eijssen
2011 Belgium Amorison, FrédéricFrédéric Amorison (BEL) Landbouwkrediet
2012 Belgium Amorison, FrédéricFrédéric Amorison (BEL) Landbouwkrediet–Euphony
2013 Italy Napolitano, DaniloDanilo Napolitano (ITA) Accent Jobs–Wanty
2014 Netherlands van Poppel, DannyDanny van Poppel (NED) Trek Factory Racing
2015 Belgium Lampaert, YvesYves Lampaert (BEL) Etixx–Quick-Step
2016 Netherlands Groenewegen, DylanDylan Groenewegen (NED) LottoNL–Jumbo


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