Volta a Portugal

Volta a Portugal
Race details
Date August
Region Portugal
English name Tour of Portugal
Local name(s) Volta a Portugal (Portuguese)
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type Stage race 2.1`
Race director Joaquim Gomes
First edition 1927 (1927)
Editions 77 (as of 2015)
First winner  Augusto de Carvalho (PRT)
Most wins  David Blanco (ESP) (5)
Most recent  Rui Vinhas (POR)

The Volta a Portugal em bicicleta is a long distance road bicycle race for professionals held in Portugal. The competition takes place annually during a two-week span.


The competition started in 1927, although its second edition only occurred in 1931. In 1936 and 1937 the tour did not take place. During World War II the race was cancelled between 1942 and 1945. In 1975 the competition was skipped due to the Carnation Revolution.

In the period 1940-1980 the competition was staged over three weeks. Since the 1980s it was reduced to the period of two weeks. As of 2005 the race consisted only of ten stages. In the last years the race consisted of ten stages and a prologue (a short time trial that starts the race). It is still the longest competition in cycling after the three grand Tours. It is one of the oldest stage races in the world. Although not as important as the three Grand Tours, it has long been a significant competition. In the last few years, however, it has declined in importance, especially due the fact that it now takes place immediately after the Tour de France, and before the Vuelta a España, a schedule that precludes the participation of major teams and cyclists.[1]

List of winners

[2][3] [4]

Volta a Portugal winners
Year 1st General Classification 2nd General Classification 3rd General Classification Team Classification
1927 Portugal Augusto de Carvalho (Carcavelos) Portugal Nunes Abreu (Leixões) Portugal Quirino Oliveira (Campo de Ourique) Portugal Carcavelos
1928 &
1929 &
1930 &
1931 Portugal José Maria Nicolau (Benfica) Portugal Alfredo Trindade (Rio de Janeiro) Portugal João Francisco (Campo de Ourique) Portugal Benfica
1932 Portugal Alfredo Trindade (Rio de Janeiro) Portugal José Maria Nicolau (Benfica) Portugal Carlos Domingues Leal (Benfica) Portugal Benfica
1933 Portugal Alfredo Trindade (Sporting CP) Portugal Ezequiel Lino (Sporting CP) Portugal César Luís (Benfica) Portugal Sporting CP
1934 Portugal José Maria Nicolau (Benfica) Portugal Ezequiel Lino (Sporting CP) Portugal Aguiar Cunha (Benfica) Portugal Benfica
1935 Portugal César Luís (Velo Clube–Leões Ferreira do Alentejo) Portugal José Marquez (Campo de Ourique) Portugal Filipe de Melo (Carcavelos) Portugal Campo de Ourique
1936 &
1937 &
1938 Portugal José Albuquerque (Campo de Ourique) Portugal Filipe de Melo (Sporting CP) Portugal Joaquim Fernandes (CUF) Portugal CUF
1939 Portugal Joaquim Fernandes (CUF) Portugal António Bartolomeu (Belenenses) Portugal Aguiar Martins (Benfica) Portugal Benfica
1940 Portugal José Albuquerque (Sporting CP) Portugal Aguiar Martins (Benfica) Portugal Aguiar Cunha (Benfica) Portugal Sporting CP
1941 Portugal Francisco Inácio (Sporting CP) Portugal José Martins (Iluminante) Portugal Aniceto Bruno (FC Porto) Portugal Sporting CP
1942 &
1943 &
1944 &
1945 &
1946 Portugal José Martins (Iluminante) Portugal Fernando Moreira (FC Porto) Portugal João Rebelo (Sporting CP) Portugal Iluminante
1947 Portugal José Martins (Benfica) Portugal João Rebelo (Benfica) Portugal Império dos Santos (Benfica) Portugal Benfica
1948 Portugal Fernando Moreira (FC Porto) Spain Emilio Rodriguez (Sangalhos) Portugal João Rebelo (Benfica) Portugal FC Porto
1949 Portugal Dias dos Santos (FC Porto) Italy Attilio Lambertini (FC Porto) Portugal Joaquim de Sá (FC Porto) Portugal FC Porto
1950 Portugal Dias dos Santos (FC Porto) Italy Mario Fazzio (Sporting CP) Portugal Moreira de Sá (FC Porto) Portugal FC Porto
1951 Portugal Alves Barbosa (Sangalhos) Spain Manolo Rodriguez (Sangalhos) Spain Emilio Rodriguez (Sangalhos) Portugal Sangalhos
1952 Portugal Moreira de Sá (FC Porto) Spain Emilio Rodriguez (Sangalhos) Spain Manolo Rodriguez (Sangalhos) Portugal FC Porto
1953 &
1954 &
1955 Portugal Ribeiro da Silva (Académico do Porto) Portugal Sousa Santos (FC Porto) Portugal Alves Barbosa (Sangalhos) Portugal FC Porto
1956 Portugal Alves Barbosa (Sangalhos) Portugal Ribeiro da Silva (Académico do Porto) Portugal João Marcelino (Benfica) Portugal Académico do Porto
1957 Portugal Ribeiro da Silva (Académico do Porto) Portugal Sousa Santos (FC Porto) Portugal Agostinho Ferreira (Académico do Porto) Portugal Académico do Porto
1958 Portugal Alves Barbosa (Sangalhos) Portugal Sousa Cardoso (FC Porto) Portugal Carlos Carvalho (FC Porto) Portugal FC Porto
1959 Portugal Carlos Carvalho (FC Porto) Portugal Jorge Corvo (Ginásio de Tavira) Portugal Aquiles Dos Santos (Sangalhos) Portugal FC Porto
1960 Portugal Sousa Cardoso (FC Porto) Portugal António Baptista (Sangalhos) Spain António Gómez del Moral (Licor 43) Portugal FC Porto
1961 Portugal Mário Silva (FC Porto) Italy Augusto Marcoletti (Ignis) Portugal Alberto Carvalho (Académico do Porto) Portugal Sporting CP
1962 Portugal José Pacheco (FC Porto) Portugal Peixoto Alves (Benfica) Portugal Jorge Corvo (Ginásio de Tavira) Portugal Sporting CP
1963 Portugal João Roque (Sporting CP) Portugal Jorge Corvo (Ginásio de Tavira) Portugal Peixoto Alves (Benfica) Portugal Benfica
1964 Portugal Joaquim Leão (FC Porto) Portugal Jorge Corvo (Ginásio de Tavira) Portugal João Roque (Sporting CP) Portugal FC Porto
1965 Portugal Peixoto Alves (Benfica) Portugal João Roque (Sporting CP) Portugal Mário Silva (FC Porto) Belgium Flandria
1966 Portugal Francisco Valada (Benfica) Portugal Peixoto Alves (Benfica) Portugal Sérgio Páscoa (Ginásio de Tavira) Portugal Benfica
1967 Belgium Antoine Houbrechts (Flandria) Portugal João Roque (Sporting CP) Portugal Manuel Correia (Sporting CP) Portugal Sporting CP
1968 Portugal Américo Silva (Benfica) Portugal Joaquim Agostinho (Sporting CP) Portugal Leonel Miranda (Sporting CP) Portugal Sporting CP
1969 Portugal Joaquim Andrade (Sangalhos) Portugal Fernando Mendes (Benfica) Portugal Mário Silva (FC Porto) Portugal FC Porto
1970 Portugal Joaquim Agostinho (Sporting CP) Portugal Firmino Bernardino (Sporting CP) Portugal José Florêncio (Coelima) Portugal Sporting CP
1971 Portugal Joaquim Agostinho (Sporting CP) France Alain Santy (Bic) Portugal Firmino Bernardino (Sporting CP) Portugal Sporting CP
1972 Portugal Joaquim Agostinho (Sporting CP) Portugal José Martins (Coelima) Spain José-Luis Galdamez (Coelima) Portugal Sporting CP
1973 Spain Jesús Manzaneque (Messias) Portugal Fernando Mendes (Benfica) Portugal José Martins (Coelima) Portugal Sporting CP
1974 Portugal Fernando Mendes (Benfica) Portugal Dinis Silva (Benfica) Portugal António Martins (Benfica) Portugal Benfica
1975 &
1976 Portugal Firmino Bernardino (Benfica) Portugal António Fernandes (Sangalhos) Portugal Floriano Mendes (Sangalhos) Portugal Sangalhos
1977 Portugal Adelino Teixeira (Lousa) Portugal Joaquim Sousa Santos (Bombarralense) Portugal Joaquim Andrade (Coimbrões) Portugal Águias
1978 Portugal Belmiro Silva (Coimbrões) Portugal Armindo Lúcio (Lousa) Portugal Adelino Teixeira (Coelima) Portugal Lousa
1979 Portugal Joaquim Sousa Santos (FC Porto) Portugal Belmiro Silva (Coimbrões) Portugal Fernando Fernandes (Bombarral) Portugal FC Porto
1980 Portugal Francisco Miranda (Lousa) Portugal Luis Vargues (Campinense) Portugal Belmiro Silva (FC Porto) Portugal FC Porto
1981 Portugal Manuel Zeferino (FC Porto) Portugal Venceslau Fernandes (Rodovil) Portugal Fernando Fernandes (FC Porto) Portugal FC Porto
1982 Portugal Marco Chagas (FC Porto) Portugal Adelino Teixeira (Bombarralense) Portugal Manuel Zeferino (FC Porto) Portugal Bombarralense
1983 Portugal Marco Chagas (Mako Jeans) Portugal António Pinto (Rodovil) Portugal Belmiro Silva (FC Porto) Portugal Rodovil
1984 Portugal Venceslau Fernandes (Ajacto) Portugal Manuel Zeferino (Sporting CP) Portugal Manuel Cunha (Ovarense) Portugal Sporting CP
1985 Portugal Marco Chagas (Sporting CP) Portugal Eduardo Correia (Sporting CP) Portugal Venceslau Fernandes (Ajacto) Portugal Sporting CP
1986 Portugal Marco Chagas (Sporting CP) Portugal Benedito Ferreira (Sicasal) Portugal António Pinto (Lousa) Portugal Lousa
1987 Portugal Manuel Cunha (Sicasal) Portugal Manuel Neves (Boavista FC) Portugal Fernando Fernandes (Sicasal) Portugal Sicasal
1988 United Kingdom Cayn Theakston (Louletano) Portugal Jorge Silva (Sicasal) Portugal Joaquim Gomes (Louletano) Portugal Louletano
1989 Portugal Joaquim Gomes (Sicasal) Brazil Cássio Freitas (Louletano) Portugal António Alves (Recer–Boavista) Portugal Recer–Boavista
1990 Portugal Fernando Carvalho (Ruquita–Feirense) Portugal Joaquim Gomes (Sicasal) Portugal Jorge Silva (Sicasal) Portugal Sicasal
1991 Portugal Jorge Silva (Sicasal) Portugal Orlando Rodrigues (Ruquita–Feirense) Spain Vicente Ridaura (Artiach) Portugal Sicasal
1992 Brazil Cássio Freitas (Recer–Boavista) Portugal Quintino Rodrigues (Ruquita–Feirense) Portugal Manuel Abreu (Tensai) Portugal Sicasal
1993 Portugal Joaquim Gomes (Recer–Boavista) Portugal Vítor Gamito (Sicasal) Colombia Luis Espinosa (Artiach) Spain Artiach
1994 Portugal Orlando Rodrigues (Artiach) Portugal Vítor Gamito (Sicasal) Portugal Joaquim Gomes (Recer–Boavista) Spain Artiach
1995 Portugal Orlando Rodrigues (Artiach) Portugal Quintino Rodrigues (Sicasal) Portugal Delmino Pereira (Recer–Boavista) Portugal Sicasal
1996 Italy Massimiliano Lelli (Saeco) Portugal Vítor Gamito (MXO) Portugal Manuel Abreu (Maia–CIN) Portugal Maia–CIN
1997 Poland Zenon Jaskuła (Mapei) Italy Wladimir Belli (Brescialat) Portugal Joaquim Gomes (LA–Pecol) Portugal Recer–Boavista
1998 Italy Marco Serpellini (Brescialat) Portugal Orlando Rodrigues (Banesto) Italy Wladimir Belli (Festina) France Festina
1999 Spain David Plaza (Benfica) Portugal Vítor Gamito (Porta da Ravessa) Spain Melcior Mauri (Benfica) Portugal Benfica
2000 Portugal Vítor Gamito (Porta da Ravessa) Denmark Claus Møller (Maia–MSS) Russia Andrei Zintchenko (LA–Pecol) Portugal LA–Pecol
2001 Switzerland Fabian Jeker (Milaneza–MSS) Russia Andrei Zintchenko (LA–Pecol) Spain Juan Miguel Mercado (iBanesto) Portugal Porta da Ravessa
2002 Denmark Claus Møller (Milaneza–MSS) Spain Juan Horrach (Milaneza–MSS) Portugal Rui Sousa (Milaneza–MSS) Portugal Milaneza–MSS
2003 Portugal Nuno Ribeiro (LA–Pecol) Denmark Claus Møller (Milaneza–MSS) Portugal Rui Lavarinhas (Milaneza–MSS) Portugal Milaneza–MSS
2004 Spain David Bernabeu (Milaneza–Maia) Spain David Arroyo (LA–Pecol) Portugal Nuno Ribeiro (LA–Pecol) Portugal Milaneza–Maia
2005 Russia Vladimir Efimkin (Team Barloworld) Portugal Cândido Barbosa (LA–Liberty) Spain Adolfo García Quesada (Comunidad Valenciana) Portugal LA–Liberty
2006 Spain David Blanco (Comunidad Valenciana) Spain Héctor Guerra (LA–Liberty) Portugal Cândido Barbosa (LA–Liberty) Portugal LA–Liberty
2007 Spain Xavier Tondo (LA–MSS) Portugal Cândido Barbosa (Liberty Seguros) Spain Héctor Guerra (Liberty Seguros) Portugal LA–MSS
2008 Spain David Blanco (Palmeiras Resort–Tavira) Spain Héctor Guerra (Liberty Seguros) Spain Rubén Plaza (Benfica) Portugal Liberty Seguros
2009 Spain David Blanco (Palmeiras Resort–Tavira) Spain David Bernabeu (Barbot–Siper) Spain Rubén Plaza (Liberty Seguros) Portugal Palmeiras Resort–Tavira
2010 Spain David Blanco (Palmeiras Resort–Prio) Spain David Bernabeu (Barbot–Siper) Spain Sergio Pardilla (Carmiooro) Portugal Barbot–Siper
2011 Portugal Ricardo Mestre (Tavira–Prio) Portugal André Cardoso (Tavira–Prio) Portugal Rui Sousa (Barbot–Efapel) Portugal Tavira–Prio
2012 Spain David Blanco (Efapel–Glassdrive) Portugal Hugo Sabido (LA–Antarte) Portugal Rui Sousa (Efapel–Glassdrive) Portugal Efapel–Glassdrive
2013 Spain Alejandro Marque (OFM–Quinta da Lixa) Spain Gustavo Veloso (OFM–Quinta da Lixa) Portugal Rui Sousa (Efapel–Glassdrive) Portugal Efapel–Glassdrive
2014 Spain Gustavo Veloso (OFM–Quinta da Lixa) Portugal Rui Sousa (Radio Popular-Onda) Spain Delio Fernández (OFM–Quinta da Lixa) Portugal OFM–Quinta da Lixa
2015 Spain Gustavo Veloso (W52–Quinta da Lixa) Portugal Joni Brandão (Efapel) Spain Alejandro Marque (Efapel) Portugal W52–Quinta da Lixa
2016 Portugal Rui Vinhas (W52–FC Porto) Spain Gustavo Veloso (W52–FC Porto) Portugal Daniel Silva (Rádio Popular–Boavista) Portugal W52–FC Porto

Wins by cyclist

In bold cyclist still active.

Cyclist Wins
Spain David Blanco 5
Portugal Marco Chagas 4
Portugal Alves Barbosa 3
Portugal Joaquim Agostinho 3
Portugal Alfredo Trindade 2
Portugal Dias dos Santos 2
Spain Gustavo Veloso 2
Portugal Joaquim Gomes 2
Portugal José Albuquerque 2
Portugal José Maria Nicolau 2
Portugal José Martins 2
Portugal Orlando Rodrigues 2
Portugal Ribeiro da Silva 2

1 win
  • Adelino Teixeira
  • Alejandro Marque
  • Américo Silva
  • Antoine Houbrechts
  • Augusto de Carvalho
  • Belmiro Silva
  • Carlos Carvalho
  • Cássio Freitas
  • Cayn Theakston
  • César Luís
  • Claus Moller
  • David Bernabéu
  • David Plaza
  • Fabian Jeker
  • Fernando Carvalho
  • Fernando Mendes dos Reis Dias

  • Fernando Moreira
  • Firmino Bernardino
  • Francisco Inácio
  • Francisco Miranda
  • Francisco Valada
  • Jesus Manzaneque
  • João Roque
  • Joaquim Andrade
  • Joaquim Fernandes
  • Joaquim Leão
  • Joaquim Sousa Santos
  • Jorge Silva
  • José Pacheco
  • Manuel Cunha
  • Manuel Zeferino
  • Marco Serpellini
  • Mário Silva

  • Massimiliano Lelli
  • Moreira de Sá
  • Nuno Ribeiro
  • Peixoto Alves
  • Ricardo Mestre
  • Rui Vinhas
  • Sousa Cardoso
  • Venceslau Fernandes
  • Vítor Gamito
  • Vladimir Efimkin
  • Xavier Tondo
  • Zenon Jaskula

Wins by team

Team Individual titles General classification Team titles Team classification
Portugal FC Porto 13 1948, 1949, 1950, 1952, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1964, 1979, 1981, 1982, 20161 14 1948, 1949, 1950, 1952, 1955, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1964, 1969, 1979, 1980, 1981, 20161
Portugal Sporting CP 9 1933, 1940, 1941, 1963, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1985, 1986 13 1933, 1940, 1941, 1961, 1962, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1984, 1985
Portugal Benfica 9 1931, 1934, 1947, 1965, 1966, 1968, 1974, 1976, 1999 9 1931, 1932, 1934, 1939, 1947, 1963, 1966, 1974, 1999
Portugal Maia–CIN/Milaneza–MSS/Milaneza–Maia/LA–MSS 4 2001, 2002, 2004, 2007 5 1996, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007
Portugal OFM–Quinta da Lixa/W52–Quinta da Lixa/W52–FC Porto–Porto Canal 4 2013, 2014, 2015, 20161 3 2014, 2015, 20161
Portugal Sangalhos 4 1951, 1956, 1958, 1969 2 1951, 1976
Portugal Palmeiras Resort–Tavira/Palmeiras Resort–Prio/Tavira–Prio 4 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 2 2009, 2011
Portugal Sicasal 3 1987, 1989, 1991 5 1987, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1995
Portugal Académico do Porto 2 1955, 1957 2 1956, 1957
Portugal Lousa 2 1977, 1980 2 1978, 1986
Spain Artiach 2 1994, 1995 2 1993, 1994
Portugal Recer–Boavista 2 1992, 1993 2 1989, 1997
Portugal Águias/LA–Pecol/LA–Liberty/Liberty Seguros 1 2003 5 1977, 2000, 2005, 2006, 2008
Portugal Barbot–Siper/Efapel–Glassdrive 1 2012 3 2010, 2012, 2013
Portugal Carcavelos 1 1927 1 1927
Portugal Campo de Ourique 1 1938 1 1935
Portugal CUF 1 1939 1 1938
Portugal Iluminante 1 1946 1 1946
Belgium Flandria 1 1967 1 1965
Portugal Porta da Ravessa 1 2000 1 2001
Portugal Louletano–Vale do Lobo 1 1988 1 1988
Portugal Rio de Janeiro 1 1932 0
Portugal Velo Clube "Os Leões" 1 1935 0
Spain Messias 1 1973 0
Portugal Coimbrões 1 1978 0
Portugal Mako Jeans 1 1983 0
Portugal Ajacto 1 1984 0
Portugal Ruquita–Feirense 1 1990 0
Italy Saeco 1 1996 0
Italy Mapei 1 1997 0
Italy Brescialat 1 1998 0
United Kingdom Team Barloworld 1 2005 0
Spain Comunidad Valenciana 1 2006 0
Portugal Bombarralense 0 1 1982
Portugal Rodovil 0 1 1983
France Festina 0 1 1998

Wins by country

Country Wins
 Portugal 57
 Spain 12
 Italy 2
 Belgium 1
 United Kingdom 1
 Brazil 1
 Poland 1
  Switzerland 1
 Denmark 1
 Russia 1


As of the 2016 edition, the jerseys worn by the leaders of the individual classifications are:
Yellow jersey - Yellow Jersey – Worn by the leader of the general classification.
green Jersey - green Jersey – Worn by the leader of the points classification.
Blue Jersey - Blue Jersey – Worn by the leader of the climbing classification.
White jersey - White Jersey – Worn by the best rider under 23 years of age on the overall classification.


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