Vuelta al Ecuador

Vuelta al Ecuador
Race details
Date November
Region Ecuador
Discipline Road race
Competition UCI America Tour
Type Stage race
First edition 1966 (1966)
Editions 34 (as of 2014)
First winner  Hipólito Pozo (ECU)
Most wins  Pedro Rodríguez (ECU) (5 wins)
Most recent  Juan Carlos Pozo (ECU)

The Vuelta al Ecuador is a cycling race held annually in Ecuador. It was part of the UCI America Tour in category 2.2 from 2007 to 2010.[1]


Year Winner
1966 Ecuador Hipólito Pozo
1967 Ecuador Jaime Pozo
1971 Ecuador Jaime Pozo
1972 Ecuador Jaime Pozo
1974 Colombia Carlos Arturo Zapata
1975 Ecuador Carlos Montenegro
1976 Ecuador Carlos Montenegro
1977 Brazil Elvio Barreto
1982 Colombia Jorge Amable Vázquez
1986 Ecuador Juan Carlos Rosero
1987 Ecuador Pablo Caicedo
1988 Ecuador Pedro Rodríguez
1989 Ecuador Juan Carlos Rosero
1990 Ecuador Pedro Rodríguez
1991 Ecuador Pedro Rodríguez
1992 Ecuador Juan Carlos Rosero
1993 Ecuador Pedro Rodríguez
1995 Ecuador Pedro Rodríguez
1997 Ecuador Héctor Chiles
2000 Colombia Julio Bernal
2001 Ecuador Héctor Chiles
2002 Ecuador Héctor Chiles
2003 Ecuador Franco Rodríguez
2004 Ecuador Byron Guamá
2005 Ecuador Héctor Chiles
2006 Ecuador Milton Tapia
2007 Colombia Alex Atapuma
2008 Ecuador Byron Guamá
2009 Colombia Fernando Camargo
2010 Ecuador Byron Guamá
2011 No race
2012 Ecuador Byron Guamá
2013 Colombia Freddy Montaña
2014 Ecuador Juan Carlos Pozo


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