Wrangel Palace

Wrangel Palace

Wrangel Palace
General information
Town or city Stockholm
Country Sweden
Construction started 1530
Completed 1802
Client Carl Gustaf Wrangel
Design and construction
Architect Nicodemus Tessin the Elder
C.G. Gjörwell

Wrangel Palace (Swedish: Wrangelska palatset) is a townhouse mansion on Riddarholmen islet in Gamla Stan, the old town of Stockholm, in Sweden.


Since 1756 the palace has housed Svea Court of Appeal (Svea Hovrätt), the regional court of appeal.


Wrangel Palace has a long history. The southern tower used to be part of Gustav Vasa's defence fortifications from the 1530s.

17th century

Around 1630, the mansion was turned into a palace for Lars Sparre. From 1652 to 1670, the palace was rebuilt and expanded by architect Nicodemus Tessin the Elder for Count Carl Gustaf Wrangel. After a fire in 1693, the palace was rebuilt and expanded once again, this time to become a royal residence after the devastating fire that left the Tre Kronor Castle in ruins (1697).

Royal palace

Wrangel Palace was the official Stockholm residence of the royal family and court from 1697 until 1754, when the Royal Palace of Stockholm was completed. During this time, the Palace was called Kungshuset (The Kings House). From 1756 to 1928, it housed the Statskontoret (Office of state).

In 1802, the palace had to be rebuilt once again after a fire. This time the architect was C.G. Gjörwell.

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