Young Liberals of Norway

Young Liberals of Norway
Unge Venstre (NUV)
Leader Tord Hustveit
Headquarters Møllergata 16
0179 Oslo
Ideology Liberalism
International affiliation International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY)
European affiliation European Liberal Youth (LYMEC)

Young Liberals of Norway (Norwegian: Unge Venstre) (NUV) is the youth league of the Norwegian political party Venstre. Young Liberals was founded on 27 January 1909, with Anders Kirkhusmo as the first leader. The current president is Tord Hustveit, since 2013. Vice presidents are Grunde Almeland and Kevin Johnsen, and the International Officer is Elin Engerbakk. It advocates a more liberal version of the mother party's social liberalist ideology.

Young Liberals of Norway is a member of the international liberal youth organizations:


The Norwegian name 'Unge Venstre' has historical reasons, and although it literally translates as 'Young Left' in English, Young Liberals of Norway are not socialists, but in fact liberals. To avoid confusion, the official English-language name of the party is 'Young Liberals of Norway'. Proposals to change the name of Unge Venstre to 'Liberal Ungdom' ('Liberal Youth') have been defeated in successive congresses.

Policies of Young Liberals of Norway

Relationship with Venstre

Young Liberals of Norway are independent of Venstre but co-operates closely with them, for example the leader of Young Liberals is automatically a member of the central governing body (Sentralstyret) of Venstre. Venstre and Young Liberals have different opinions on some matters, most prominently in that Young Liberals of Norway supports Norwegian entry into the European Union while Venstre opposes this. The Young Liberals of Norway failed to make Venstre pro-EU during Venstre's party congress in April 2009.

The Young Liberals are generally more liberal in their views than the mother party, both on social and economic issues. They aim to influence Venstre views so that they accords more with those of the Young Liberals. Notable recent victories include convincing Venstre to support heroin prescription in the treatment of addiction, to consider drug decriminalization and to support intellectual property reform.


Young Liberals of Norway is organized into 19 regional branches, with local clubs in about 50 municipalities. The highest decision-making body of the organisation is the yearly national congress. Between the national congresses, the organisation is governed by a national board and an executive board.

The executive board members of the Norwegian Young Liberals are:[7]


Secretary General: Ann Helen Skaanes

Leaders of Young Liberals of Norway



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