200 metres straight

Tyson Gay, the current recordman.

The 200 metres straight is a track and field outdoor event of 200 metres on a straight track.

In the 1960s, the straight 200 metres was a separate world record event for men until IAAF deleted this variation from its list of official records.[1] The race was more common during the early to mid 20th century, when panhandle tracks, with 200 metre straightaways, were common. The United States Olympic Trials held the event on a straight until 1932.[2]

Record progression

Time Wind Athlete Nationality Date Place Ref
21.2 Bernard Wefers  United States 30 May 1896 United States New York City, United States
21.2 Ralph Craig  United States 28 May 1910 United States Philadelphia, United States
21.2 Donald Lippincott  United States 31 May 1913 United States Cambridge, United States
21.2 Howard Drew  United States 28 February 1914 United States Claremont, United States
21.2 George Parker  United States 2 October 1914 United States Fresno, United States
20.8 Charlie Paddock  United States 26 March 1921 United States Berkeley, United States
20.8 Charlie Paddock  United States 6 September 1924 United States West Orange, United States
20.6 Roland Locke  United States 1 May 1926 United States Lincoln, United States
20.6 Ralph Metcalfe  United States 12 August 1933 Hungary Budapest, Hungary
20.3 Jesse Owens  United States 25 May 1935 United States Ann Arbor, United States
20.2 Mel Patton  United States 7 May 1949 United States Los Angeles, United States
20.1 Dave Sime  United States 11 May 1956 United States Durham, United States
20.0 Dave Sime  United States 9 June 1956 United States Sanger, United States
20.0 Frank Budd  United States 12 May 1962 United States Villanova, United States
20.0 Tommie Smith  United States 13 March 1965 United States San Jose, United States
19.5 Tommie Smith  United States 7 May 1966 United States San Jose, United States [3]
19.41 -0.4 m/s Tyson Gay  United States 16 May 2010 United Kingdom Manchester, United Kingdom [4]


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