Adhey Kangal

Adhey Kangal

DVD Cover
Directed by A. C. Tirulokchandar
Produced by A.V. Meiyappan
Written by T. N. Balu (dialog)
Story by A. C. Tirulokchandar
Music by
  • Veda
Cinematography S. Maruthi Rao
Edited by R.G. Gope
Release dates
  • 26 May 1967 (1967-05-26)


Running time
180 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil

Adhey Kangal (English: "Same Eyes") is a 1967 Tamil-language Indian thriller film written and directed by A. C. Tirulokchandar,[2] starring Ravichandran and Kanchana in the lead roles.[3] The film was remade in Telugu Simultaneously as "Ave Kallu".


A woman gets ready to leave for a get together and finds her husband dead in their room. In no time, a masked man tries to kill her too . His attempt gets failed and he escapes. The woman is now in a state of shock and mentally paralysed. A murder case is registered and investigation takes place. Susi (Kanchana) a young college girl comes to her home for vacation along with her friends. She lives with three younger paternal uncles - the victim who was killed in the first scene, Kamalanathan, Vimalanathan and her aunt who was supposed to be the victim in the hands of the murderer. Long time ago itself Susi's parents were killed. Susi meets Baskar (Ravichandran), a singer and both of them fell in love with each other at first sight.

Series of murders take place at Susi's house with every time a smoking cigar bit being left by the murder intentionally. Police suspect visiting doctor, an old Siddha doctor who is like a brother to Kamalanathan's family, butler etc. Since Susi's aunt is the only eye witness of the murderer her life is in danger. In spite of tight protection she is killed by the murderer. The murderer frequently calls Susi and threatens that her time is up and he is nearing her to kill her. Susi is very frustrated by the incidents at her home and the threatening phone call. Baskar hears her problem and promises to help her. Baskar start his investigation from Vimalanathan who is a drunkard. Then he follows Kamalnathan when he does something suspicious. Baskar follows him to a house which look like a haunted house and a woman who wanders like a ghost. She is actually lover of Kamalanathan who is rescued some years back by him when she tried to commit suicide. Kamalnathan keeps quiet as he wants Susi to get married first and then only marry his lover. Baskar sends everybody out of Susi's house for a night and waits for anything to happen. As expected black masked man comes to Susi's room to kill Susi. Baskar and the masked murderer fight and Baskar tries to uncover his face. In the attempt Baskar manages to grab the mask of the man and see the eyes alone of the man. The murderer escapes from him. After a while Baskar opens the main door of the house only to find Vimalanathan dead at the doorsteps.

Kamalanathan and Susi plan to vacate the house after celebrating the birthday party of Susi. On the day of the party a gunshot sound is heard and Susi's birthday cake is shot on the missed target by masked man. Baskar chases the masked man but could not find him. He sees the old siddha doctor injured at a place who tells him that masked man attacked him and ran away. Everybody at the home does not know why the murders are happening and who kills every member of their family. Siddha doctor urges Kamalnathan to tell about his family which might help to find out who is the murderer. Kamalnathan tells that his father had an illegal affair with a woman and they had a son. But they are all dead in a fire accident fifteen years back. Actually Kamalnathan's elder brother (Susi's Father) had set fire to kill the woman and her ten-year-old son. Baskar doubts what if the son had not died in the fire and turned out to be the murderer killing the members of the family to seek revenge. Also Baskar screams that he found who is the murderer as he can remember the eyes which is like fire which can kill as many as possible. He has seen the 'Same Eyes' in that house itself and seeing the 'Same Eyes' each and every second. He comes to a conclusion that the murderer is present in the hall where all are gathered. Hence he places the black mask in face of all men in the hall like family doctor, Kamalnathan and the old Siddha doctor to verify whose eyes matches with the eyes he had seen. While placing the black mask on the old Siddha doctors eyes, he screams "Same eyes", "Same eyes" but the old Siddha doctor questions, "You said the guy was young enough to attack you and run so fast, how can I do that?" . Baskar agrees to that and step away from him, but in a fraction of a second he yells. "Why can't you be a younger guy?" and tears his beard and wig, everyone in the house screams while seeing the Siddha doctor who was none other than the long last love child of their father and he is the murderer. The murderer shows the picture of their father and tells that he have the same face as that of their father unlike the other four sons. Baskar chases him he falls off through the window and apparently broke his leg, while he was struggling to run the police shoots him and he disappears suddenly, while everyone were searching, they found a secret room beneath the garden which leads to the Siddha doctors house, there he was lying dead due to the gun shot. Hence everyone figure's out that this is how he escaped after killing everyone. Kamalnathan closes his eyes in sadness telling "Brother!".

At the end Baskar and Kanchana get married, Kamalanathan also get married with his secret girlfriend and everyone lives happily ever after.

Cast and crew

The movie was produced by A. V. Meiyappan under his home banner and the story was scripted by Tirulokachander himself.[4] Cinematography was handled by S. Maruthi Rao.[4]


The film was a major box-office success upon release.[5][6]


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