Sivappu Malli

Sivappu Malli

Official DVD Box Cover.
Directed by Rama Narayanan
Produced by AVM Productions
Written by Rajshekar
Starring Vijaykanth
Shanthi Krishna
S.S. Chandran
Sangili Murugan
Aruna Mucherla
Music by Shankar Ganesh
Distributed by AVM
Release dates
12 August 1981
Running time
14 Reels
Country India
Language Tamil

Sivappu Malli (Tamil: சிவப்பு மல்லி English: Red Jasmine) is a 1981 Tamil-language Indian feature film directed by Rama Narayanan for AVM Productions, starring Vijayakanth, Chandrashekar, Shanthi Krishna, Aruna and S.S. Chandran.[1]


Sathyanathan, Punyakodi and their partners are an atrocious lot. They keep suppressing the villagers and do not even allow them to get proper education due to fear of losing control over the village.

On the other hand Ranga (Vijaykanth) and Tyagu (Chandrashekar) are honest factory workers who lead the fight against the Factory owner for the laborers rights. The clash between the two sections of society reaches a level where Sathyanathan and gang plot to eliminate Ranga and Tyagu.

They manage to do away with Tyagu; however Ranga is too smart for them. How Ranga manages to punish the wrong doers is what the second half of the film is all about.



Lyrics by Vairamuthu


The film is a remake of the Telugu film called Erramalli.


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