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Founded 1997
Hubs Hakodate Airport
airtransse Beechcraft 1900

airtransse (株式会社エアトランセ Kabushiki-gaisha Eatoranse) is an airline headquartered in the Nichinan Trading Building (日南貿易ビル Nichinan Bōeki Biru) Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.[1] It operates scheduled passenger services. Its main base is Hakodate Airport in Hakodate, with a hub at New Chitose Airport; both are in Hokkaido.[2]


The airline was established in 1997 as Air Shenpix. It changed its name to Airtransse in December 2004 and restarted operations on March 13, 2005. It is owned by Hideo Sawada. It has 95 employees.[2]

In September 2004, airtransse was headquartered in the Nippon Mining Building (新日鉱ビル Shin-Nikkō Biru) Minato, Tokyo.[3] In January 2006 it was headquartered on the grounds of Hakodate Airport in Hakodate, Hokkaido.[4]


Some flights go through New Chitose.

Service between Hakodate and Ōzora (Memanbetsu merged into Ōzora on March 31, 2006) began April 1, 2006.


As of March 2007 the airline fleet includes:[2]


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