Akita Prefectural Gymnasium

Akita Prefectural Gymnasium

Akita Prefectural Gymnasium
Location Akita, Japan
Coordinates 39°43′10″N 140°5′37.9″E / 39.71944°N 140.093861°E / 39.71944; 140.093861Coordinates: 39°43′10″N 140°5′37.9″E / 39.71944°N 140.093861°E / 39.71944; 140.093861
Capacity 6,000
Built 1968
Architect Yoshio Kobayashi and Masatoshi Soh
Akita Northern Happinets (2010-16)
Main Arena

Akita Prefectural Gymnasium (秋田県立体育館 Akita Kenritsu Taiikukan) is a stadium in Akita, Akita Prefecture, Japan.

The gymnasium was built in 1968. Yoshio Kobayashi and Masatoshi Soh were the architects. Masao Sitoh and Arata Ono were the structural engineers. It is 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) west of the Akita Station.[1]

The gymnasium has two separate facilities. The "large gymnasium" has a floor area of 1736 sq.meters, and a capacity of 6000 spectators. It can be divided into two basketball, two volleyball, two tennis, 10 badminton or 20 table tennis competitions, or can be used for gymnastics, wrestler, boxing, fencing or other activities. The "small gymnasium" has a floor area of 463.1 sq.meters, and can be used for one volleyball, two badminton, two tennis, or other events.

Akita Prefectural Gymnasium hosted the 1979 World Boxing Association World Junior middleweight title match between Masashi Kudo of Japan against Ayub Kalule of Uganda on 25 October 1979.


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