Arizona Attorney General

Attorney General of Arizona

Seal of the Attorney General of Arizona
= Current Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich
Mark Brnovich

since January 5, 2015
Style The Honorable
Residence Phoenix, Arizona
Term length Four years, can succeed self once; eligible again after 4-year respite
Formation 1912
Deputy None
Salary $90,000
Website Arizona Attorney General

The Arizona Attorney General is the chief legal officer of the state of Arizona, in the United States. It is an independent, constitutionally mandated office, elected by the people of the state to a four-year term.

The Attorney General’s Office is the largest law office in Arizona, with approximately 400 attorneys and 1,000 employees. The Attorney General's Office is divided into the following departments:[1]

The organizational chart is available online.[2]


The Arizona Constitution requires all of the officers in the state's executive department, including the attorney general, to be at least 25 years old, a U.S. citizen for 10 years and an Arizona resident for five years.[3]

Arizona law further requires the attorney general to have been a "practicing attorney before the supreme court of the state" for five years, however the Arizona Supreme Court ruled the law unconstitutional during the appointment process of Jack LaSota in 1977. LaSota had not renewed his state bar membership and was therefore not considered a practicing attorney.[4]

Arizona Attorneys General

Arizona Territory

State of Arizona

# Name Political Party Term of Office
1 George Purdy Bullard Democratic 1912–1915
2 Wiley E. Jones Democratic 1915–1921
3 W. J. Galbraith Republican 1921–1923
4 John W. Murphy Democratic 1923–1928
5 K. Berry Peterson Democratic 1928–1933
6 Arthur T. La Prade Democratic 1933–1935
7 John L. Sullivan Democratic 1935–1937
8 Joe Conway Democratic 1937–1944
10 John L. Sullivan Democratic 1944–1948
11 Evo Anton DeConcini Democratic 1948–1949
12 Fred O. Wilson Democratic 1949–1953
13 Ross F. Jones Republican 1953–1955
14 Robert Morrison Democratic 1955–1960
15 Wade Church Democratic 1960–1961
16 Robert Pickrell Democratic 1961–1965
17 Darrell F. Smith Republican 1965–1968
18 Gary K. Nelson Republican 1969–1974
19 N. Warner Lee Republican 1974–1975
20 Bruce Babbitt Democratic 1975–1978
21 John A. (“Jack”) LaSota, Jr. Democratic 1978–1979
22 Robert K. Corbin Republican 1979–1991
23 Grant Woods Republican 1991–1999
24 Janet Napolitano Democratic 1999–2002
25 Terry Goddard Democratic 2002–2011
26 Tom Horne Republican 2011–2015
27 Mark Brnovich Republican 2015–present


  3. Arizona Constitution, Article 5, Section 2
  4. State ex rel. Sawyer v. LaSota, 119 Ariz. 253 (1978)

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