Arundel School

This article is about Arundel School. For the public high school in Gambrills, Maryland, see Arundel High School.
Arundel School
28 Arundel School Road, Mount Pleasant
Coordinates 17°45′52″S 31°02′26″E / 17.7645277°S 31.0406769°E / -17.7645277; 31.0406769Coordinates: 17°45′52″S 31°02′26″E / 17.7645277°S 31.0406769°E / -17.7645277; 31.0406769
Type Private, day and boarding school
Motto Gratia Et Scientia
(Latin: Grace and Learning)
Denomination Interdenominational
Established 1955
Headmistress Pauline Makoni
Forms 1–4, Sixth Form
Gender Girls
Age 12 to 18
Enrollment 522 (2016)[1]
  • Boarding: 4
  • Competitive: 6
  • US$2,490.00 (day)
  • US$3,780.00 (weekly boarding)
  • US$4,410.00 (full boarding)

[lower-alpha 1]

  1. Termly fees, the year has 3 terms.[1]

Arundel School is a private, day and boarding school for girls aged 12–18 in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Arundel School was ranked 48th out of the top 100 best high schools in Africa by Africa Almanac in 2003, based upon quality of education, student engagement, strength and activities of alumnae, school profile, internet and news visibility.[2]

Arundel School is a member of the Association of Trust Schools (ATS) and the Head is a member of the Conference of Heads of Independent Schools in Zimbabwe (CHISZ).[3]


Arundel School offers boarding accommodation on two levels which are weekly boarding for girls who return home at the weekends, and full boarding places for girls whose families are further afield. There are four boarding houses, Angwa, Sabi, Shire and Kafue, each accommodating age groups of girls under the guidance and care of full-time House Mistresses, Matrons and staff, assisted by senior girls. The Boarding Mistress has responsibility for all the boarding houses.[4]

Boarding houses

Competitive houses

The school is divided into six competitive houses, Austen, Bronte, Burney, Eliot, Gaskell and Irwin. All academic, sporting and cultural achievements earn points for their house. There are many school trophies which are awarded at the end of each term in recognition of the girls individual and collective achievements.[5]

Notable alumni

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