Atikah bint Yazid

Atikah bint Yazid was an Umayyad princess. She was the daughter of Yazid I, and wife of Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan. Some called her the scholar cause she studied Muslim religion, especially Hadith. She was also called generous as she gave up all of her money to poor member of Abu Sufyan's Family.[1]

However, Atikah was known as she was a relative to twelve Umayyad caliphs (out of fourteen)[2] and this enabled her to take off her Hijab in front of them, and no other known woman that had such number of mahrams (men permitted to see her hair according to muslim sharia) between caliphs.[3]
She survived the death of her grandson Al Walid II.[4]
The Caliphs who were related to her are:
No. Caliph Relation
1 Muawiya I Grandfather
2 Yazid I Father
3 Muawiya II Brother
4 Marwan I Father-in-law
5 Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan Husband
6 Al-Walid II Step-sons
7 Sulayman ibn Abd al-Malik
9 Yazid II Son
10 Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik Step-son
11 Al-Walid II Grandson
12 Yazid III Step-grandsons
13 Ibrahim ibn al-Walid


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