Maine Attorney General

The Maine Attorney General is the chief legal advisor and prosecutor of the State of Maine. The constitutional basis of the office is Article IX, Section 11 of the Maine Constitution, and the holder of the position is chosen biennially by the Maine Legislature in joint session.[1]

The powers of the Attorney General are derived from the Maine Revised Statues Annotated, Title 5, Chapter 9. These include representing the State in civil actions, investigating and prosecuting homicides, advising district attorneys, and providing written opinions on matters of law at the request of the Governor or the Legislature. The Attorney General is empowered to appoint deputy and assistant attorneys general, who serve at the Attorney General's pleasure.[2]

List of Maine Attorneys General

Name Took Office Left Office Party
Erastus Foote 18201831 Democratic-Republican Party
Jonathan P. Rogers 18321833 Democratic
Nathan Clifford 18341837 Democratic
Daniel Goodenow 1838 1838 Democratic
Stephen Emery 18391840 Democratic
Daniel Goodenow 18411841 Democratic
Otis L. Bridges 18421843 Democratic
Wyman B. S. Moor 18441847 Democratic
Samuel H. Blake 1848 1848 Democratic
Henry Tallman 18491852 Democratic
George Evans 18531854 Whig
John S. Abbott 18551855 Republican
George Evans 18561856Whig
Nathan D. Appleton 18571859
G.W. Ingersoll 18601860
Josiah Hayden Drummond 1860 1863 Democratic
John A. Peters 18641866Republican
William P. Frye 18671869Republican
Thomas Brackett Reed 18701872Republican
Harris M. Plaisted 18731875 Republican
Lucilius A. Emery 18761878 Republican
William H. McLellan 18791879
Henry B. Cleaves 18801884 Republican
Orville D. Baker 18851888 Republican
Charles E. Littlefield 18891892Republican
Frederick A. Powers 18931896 Republican
William T. Haines 18971900Republican
George M. Seiders 19011904 Republican
Hannibal Emery Hamlin 19051908 Republican
W.C. Philbrook 19091910 Republican
Cyrus R. Tupper 19111911 Democratic
William Robinson Pattangall 19111912 Democratic
Scott Wilson 19131914 Republican
William Robinson Pattangall 19151916 Democratic
Guy H. Sturgis 19171920 Republican
Ransford W. Shaw 19211924 Republican
Raymond Fellows 19251928 Republican
Clement F. Robinson 19291932 Republican
Clyde R. Chapman 19331936 Republican
Franz U. Burkett 19371940 Republican
Frank I. Cowan 19411944 Republican
Ralph W. Farris 19451950 Republican
Alexander A. LaFleur 19511954 Republican
Frank F. Harding 19551958 Republican
Frank E. Hancock 19591964 Republican
Richard J. Dubord 19651966 Democratic
James S. Erwin 19671971 Republican
Jon A. Lund 19721975 Republican
Joseph E. Brennan 19751979Democratic
Richard S. Cohen 19791981 Republican
James E. Tierney 19811991Democratic
Michael E. Carpenter 19911995 Democratic
Andrew Ketterer 19952001Democratic
G. Steven Rowe 20012009Democratic
Janet T. Mills 20092011Democratic
William Schneider 20112013Republican
Janet T. Mills 2013presentDemocratic
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