Børglum Abbey, featured on the coat of arms of the former Børglum Herred

Børglum is a Danish village with a population below 200 (1 January 2011)[1] in Hjørring municipality, Region Nordjylland (until December 31, 2006; Løkken-Vrå municipality, North Jutland County).


Børglum was the site of a royal gård from at least 1000. This was later converted for use as a monastery, Børglum Abbey, which was developed from c. 1180 by the Premonstratensians. Some of the buildings still exist as a manor house. The abbey was also the seat, from about 1220 until 1536, of the Roman Catholic Bishopric of Børglum.[2]

A relatively unknown tale by Hans Christian Andersen is titled "The Bishop of Børglum and His Kinsmen".


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  2. This ancient bishopric, also known as the Bishopric of Vendsyssel, embraced the north Jutland peninsula beyond the Limfjord, and was previously based at Vestervig. In the 12th century the bishop's seat was transferred to Børglum Abbey, the church of which became the cathedral. The last bishop was deposed and imprisoned in 1536 during the Reformation


Coordinates: 57°22′N 9°50′E / 57.367°N 9.833°E / 57.367; 9.833

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