Ballantine Tournament

Ballantine Tournament
Tournament information
Location Virginia Water, Surrey, England
Established 1960
Course(s) Wentworth Club
Final year 1961
Final champion
Neil Coles
Wentworth Club
Location in England

The Ballantine Tournament was a professional golf tournament played at the Wentworth Club in England. The event was played twice, in 1960 and 1961 and was sponsored by George Ballantine & Son Ltd, whisky proprietors.

The 1960 event was the first major tournament in Britain in which the use of the bigger ball (1.68 in, 42.67 mm) was compulsory.[1] The bigger ball was also used in 1961.


Year Winner Country Score Margin
of victory
Runner-up Winner's
share (£)
1960 Christy O'Connor Snr  Ireland 277 2 strokes Scotland John Panton 1,250 [2]
1961 Neil Coles  England 277 5 strokes England Ken Bousfield 1,500 [3]


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