Patriarch of Antioch and All the East
Church Church of Antioch
See Antioch
Installed 479
Term ended 485
Predecessor Stephanus II
Successor Peter II

Calendion (also, Calandion or Callandion) was the Patriarch of Antioch between 479 and 485.


Calendion supported the results of the Council of Chalcedon, but refused to accept the Henotikon of 482, through which the Byzantine Emperor, Zeno, attempted to reconcile the pro- and anti-Chalcedonian sides. This was because Calendion regarded it as a covert attempt to overturn the council's holdings.

Calendion supported the rebellion of Illus in 484, and as a result was deposed and banished by Zeno shortly thereafter, being replaced as Patriarch by Peter II.


Titles of Chalcedonian Christianity
Preceded by
Stephanus II
Patriarch of Antioch
Succeeded by
Peter II
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