Chemistry Central

Chemistry Central
Parent company Springer Science+Business Media
Status Defunct (2015)
Founded August 22, 2006
Distribution Open access
Publication types Scientific journals
Nonfiction topics Chemistry
Official website

Chemistry Central was a scientific publisher specializing in open access publication in chemistry. It was established on August 22, 2006[1] and was operated by BioMed Central. Along with BioMed Central and the now-defunct PhysMath Central, Chemistry Central was part of "Open Access Central", representing open access publishing in life science and medicine, physics and maths, and chemistry, respectively.[2] When Springer acquired the BioMed Central Group in 2008, Chemistry Central was transferred with it.[3][4]

At the end of 2015 the Chemistry Central brand was retired, with the existing journals transferring to the SpringerOpen portfolio.[5]



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