Chercher province

Chercher ጨርጨር፣የጨርጨር የተራራዎች ሰንሰለትና ምዕራብ ሀረርጌ (Chercher or Ahmar Mountains and West Hararghe) Chercher is a name given to mainly to the highland areas of West Hararaghe Zone, where chains of Checher or Ahmar mountains extended, in the Oromia Region, Ethiopia. The zonal capital is Chiro or Asebe Teferi and is 325 km from Addis Ababa. Checher or Ahmar Mountain mainly emanate from and extended to most of the West Hararge and end in the Ogaden area of the Ethiopian Somali region. The highest point is said to be Mt. Gara Muleta 3405 m asl (other sources include Mount Arba Gugu 3574 m asl to this chain, which is in today's Arsi). The area is known for its beautiful landscapes, biodiversity, hospitable people and unique cultures. The region's main agricultural productions include grains, fruits, vegetables, livestock, and one of the main sources of income being 'Chat' West Hararghe Zone is bordered on the south by the Shebelle River which separates it from Bale, on the southwest by Arsi, on the northwest by the Afar Region, and on the east by East Hararghe. Towns in West Hararghe include Chiro (Asebe Teferi), Hirna, Qunni, Bedessa, karra, Wachu, Gelemso, Deefoo, Belbeleyti, Kotera, Mechara, Hirna, Micheta. Mieso and others. Based on the 2007 CSA's data, West Hararghe Zone has a total population of about 1.9 million. Chercher is renowned for its beef products (Senga) and the quality of its beef is second to none in Ethiopia. The area is also known for its abundant fruits and vegetables.

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