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Type Weekly newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Periódico de la Nación Puertorriqueña, Inc.
Founded 1959
Political alignment Liberal-socialist, center-left leaning
Language Spanish
Headquarters San Juan, Puerto Rico (U.S.)

Claridad ("Clarity") is a Spanish-language weekly newspaper based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was first published in June, 1959. Claridad served as the official publication of the Pro-Independence Movement and later the Puerto Rican Socialist Party. The paper has been praised for its strong political and investigative reporting. It continues to be published weekly despite the fact that the PSP was disbanded in 1993. Many former PSP members continue to contribute to the paper.

Its central supplement, "En Rojo" ("In Red") is one of the best cultural magazines in the island, featuring historical and literary articles, movie reviews, and linguistic contributions from Puerto Rico's best writers and intellectuals.

Claridad's yearly "Festival Claridad" began as a fund-raising effort, but today has become one of the most important musical and cultural events attracting tens of thousands of participants and some of the most prominent exponents of various musical genres.

Many famous Puerto Ricans have made regular contributions to Claridad, either as editors, writers or graphic artists, including: René Marqués, César Andreu Iglesias, Juan Mari Brás, Carlos Gallisá, Lorenzo Homar, Carlos Raquel Rivera, Francisco Manrique Cabrera, Elizam Escobar, Alfredo Lopez and others. Claridad's current feature writers include: Joserramón Meléndez, Raquel Z. Rivera, Gervasio Morales, Irving García, Elliott Castro, Luz Nereida Pérez, and Fiquito Yunqué, among others.

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