Jebiburi daenggi
Korean name
Hangul 댕기
Revised Romanization daenggi
McCune–Reischauer taengki

Daenggi is a traditional Korean ribbon made of cloth to tie and to decorate braided hair.[1] According to History of Northern Dynasties's record, maidens of Baekje bound their hair at the back and braided, while married women's hair were braided into two pieces and then put on the crown of the head.

There are several types of daenggi according to purpose, age, and social status. Tteoguji daenggi, maegae daenggi, doturak daenggi, and deurim daenggi are used for ceremonial purpose. While jebiburi daenggi, doturank daenggi, jjok daenggi, and malttuk daenggi. The daenggi used for "gungnyeo" or count ladies during the Joseon Dynasty were negadak daenggi, and patip daenggi.[2]

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