Dam tot Damloop

Dam tot Damloop
Date Third Sunday in September
Location From Amsterdam to Zaandam
Event type Road
Distance 10 miles (16.1 km)
Primary sponsor Asics
Course records Men: 44:27 (2011)
Women: 50:31 (1987)
Official site www.damloop.nl
Participants 36,350 (2014)

Dam tot Damloop (Dam to Dam Run in English) is an annual road running competition held in North Holland in the Netherlands. It is a Silver Label 10-mile race from Amsterdam to Zaandam. The event was first held as a fun run event in 1985 and elite runners were invited the following year, with world record holder Fernando Mamede and Dutch record holder Carla Beurskens taking the men's and women's titles. In the first five years of its running, Beurskens became a three-time winner of the race – an achievement since matched by Heléna Barócsi, Hellen Kimaiyo, Tegla Loroupe and Lornah Kiplagat.

From the 1990s onwards, the elite race has been dominated by East African (particularly Kenyan) runners. Indeed, since 1993 the winners of the men's and women's races have been Kenyan-born on all but six occasions. Leonard Patrick Komon is the current men's course record holder with his time of 44:27 minutes in 2011 (the second fastest ever for the distance).[1] Linet Masai set the current women's record in 2009 with her run of 50:39 minutes.

The race is jointly organised by Stichting Sportevenementen Le Champion and two running clubs (AV Atos and AV Aalsmeer). In addition to the main 10-mile race, the event hosts shorter races for children and several business team competitions. The Dam tot Damloop 10-miler attracts high level of participation: almost 10,000 runners competed in 1990, rising to almost 20,000 in 1999 and almost 40,000 in 2008.[2]

Damloop by night

The Damloop by night takes place the evening before the main Dam tot Damloop race. It is a 5-mile race in the dark through the centre of Zaandam.[3]

Past winners

Key:   Course record   Half marathon

Moses Masai en route to his victory at the 2009 edition of the race
The popular race at the Dam tot Damloop
Year Winner men Nationality Time (m:s) Winner women Nationality Time (m:s)
2015 Edwin Kiptoo  Kenya 45:19 Joyce Chepkirui  Kenya 51:30
2014 John Mwangangi  Kenya 45:45 Linet Masai  Kenya 53:09
2013 Nguse Tesfaldet  Eritrea 45:28 Joyce Chepkirui  Kenya 51:33
2012 Leonard Komon  Kenya 44:48 Sylvia Kibet  Kenya 51:42
2011 Leonard Komon  Kenya 44:27 Priscah Cherono  Kenya 51:57
2010 John Mwangangi  Kenya 45:26 Hilda Kibet  Netherlands 51:30
2009 Moses Masai  Kenya 45:16 Linet Masai  Kenya 50:39
2008 Sammy Kitwara  Kenya 45:16 Peninah Arusei  Kenya 51:21
2007 Zersenay Tadese  Eritrea 45:51 Belaynesh Fikadu  Ethiopia 52:57
2006 Francis Kibiwott  Kenya 45:27 Lornah Kiplagat  Netherlands 50:50
2005 William Kipsang  Kenya 46:04 Isabella Ochichi  Kenya 51:08
2004 Hendrick Ramaala  South Africa 46:04 Susan Chepkemei  Kenya 53:06
2003 Francis Kibiwott  Kenya 45:46 Restituta Joseph  Tanzania 52:17
2002 Charles Kamathi  Kenya 45:08 Lornah Kiplagat  Kenya 50:54
2001 Charles Kamathi  Kenya 46:05 Susan Chepkemei  Kenya 51:23
2000 Christopher Cheboiboch  Kenya 1:00:49 Lornah Kiplagat  Kenya 1:07:37
1999 Mohammed Mourhit  Belgium 1:01:00 Tegla Loroupe  Kenya 1:09:20
1998 Brahim Lahlafi  Morocco 45:24 Leah Malot  Kenya 53:11
1997 Paul Koech  Kenya 44:45 Tegla Loroupe  Kenya 51:52
1996 Josephat Machuka  Kenya 45:19 Tegla Loroupe  Kenya 53:01
1995 Paul Tergat  Kenya 45:50 Hellen Kimaiyo  Kenya 51:49
1994 Charles Omwoyo  Kenya 45:50 Hellen Kimaiyo  Kenya 52:28
1993 Josephat Machuka  Kenya 45:22 Hellen Kimaiyo  Kenya 52:59
1992 Charles Omwoyo  Kenya 46:48 Heléna Barócsi  Hungary 52:10
1991 Joseph Keino  Kenya 46:05 Heléna Barócsi  Hungary 53:54
1990 Brahim Lahlafi  Morocco 46:51 Heléna Barócsi  Hungary 53:57
1989 Dave Long  England 46:28 Carla Beurskens  Netherlands 52:59
1988 Domingos Castro  Portugal 46:55 Carla Beurskens  Netherlands 53:21
1987 Vincent Rousseau  Belgium 46:07 Ingrid Kristiansen  Norway 50:31
1986 Fernando Mamede  Portugal 45:14 Carla Beurskens  Netherlands 53:04
1985 Jan Sebille  Belgium 52:09 ? ? ?


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List of winners
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