Dave Yost

For the actor, see David Yost.
Dave Yost
Auditor of Ohio
Assumed office
January 10, 2011
Governor John Kasich
Preceded by Mary Taylor
Personal details
Political party Republican
Alma mater Ohio State University
Capital University
Religion Christianity

Dave Yost currently serves as Ohio's 32nd Auditor of State.[1] He previously held the positions of Delaware County Auditor from 1999 to 2003 and County Prosecutor from 2003 to 2011.[2]

Family, Education and Early Career

Dave Yost graduated from The Ohio State University with a B.A. degree in Journalism. He became an award-winning journalist with the Columbus Citizen-Journal.[2] He went on to serve in senior positions within the administrations of Columbus Mayor Buck Rinehart[2] and Ohio Governor George Voinovich.[2] He then earned a Juris Doctor from Capital University Law School.

While operating a successful private law practice,[2] Yost was appointed Delaware County Auditor in 1999.[3] In 2003, he became the Delaware County Prosecutor[4] where he won the first-ever capital murder case in the county’s history[5] and successfully prosecuted the largest drug ring to ever operate in Delaware County.[6]

Auditor Yost and his wife Darlene live in Franklin County. They have three children and three grandchildren.[2]

Auditor of State (2011-present)

Auditor Yost won the election for Ohio's 32nd state auditor in November 2010.[7]

Initiatives in Office

Statewide School Attendance Data Audit

After receiving several tips of suspected attendance data manipulation in school districts around the state, Auditor Yost launched a statewide audit of student attendance data on July 26, 2012.[8] The audit was conducted in three phases[9] and found that nine school districts across the state “scrubbed” their attendance data.[10] Auditor Yost also provided the Ohio General Assembly with recommendations for improvements to the state’s accountability system.[11]

Columbus City Schools Special Audit

While conducting the statewide school attendance data audit, concerns were raised about potential grade changing at the Columbus City School District,[12] and due to the scope of the fraud allegations,[13] a separate special audit was launched.[14] Released in January 2014, the audit revealed a top-down culture of data manipulation and employee intimidation.[15] Referrals for possible criminal charges and disciplinary action were sent to prosecutors and the Ohio Department of Education.[16] Mastermind Steve Tankovich became a convicted criminal on July 30, 2014 and agreed as part of a plea deal to cooperate with any further prosecutions.[17]

Fighting Fraud

Since taking office in 2011,[2] Auditor Yost identified $17 million in stolen and misspent public money and worked with law enforcement to turn 80 corrupt public officials into convicted criminals.[18][19]

Campaign Finance Law

In 2012, Auditor Yost worked with legislators to strengthen Ohio law to institute a penalty of a misdemeanor of the first degree for public officials who violate campaign finance law.[27] Passed with broad, bi-partisan support,[28] H.B. 326 was drafted after an audit of the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority (TARTA) found the organization illegally loaned $66,885 to a PAC tasked with gathering resources to fund TARTA levy campaigns.[29] While such actions were already illegal prior to the legislation, H.B. 326 now allows prosecutors to seek criminal sanction.[30]

Skinny Government

In his first legislative initiative, he worked with the Ohio General Assembly to expand the use of and access to performance audits.[33] Ohio Revised Code Section 117.46 now requires performance audits of at least four state agencies each biennium.[34] The first four agencies to receive performance audits were the Ohio Departments of Job and Family Services, Education, and Transportation, as well as the Ohio Housing Finance Agency.[35] These audits identified more than $78 million in potential savings for Ohio’s taxpayers.[36] Most recently, a performance audit was launched at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.[36]
Auditor Yost created skinnyOhio.org in 2011.[38] as an online clearinghouse to help Ohio’s local governments and school districts find best practices from Ohio and national performance audits.[31] Through this site, governments of all sizes and types can explore proven strategies, policies and procedures that facilitate efficient and effective organization, operation and budgeting.[31]
The Lake County Capital Equipment Utilization Study prompted Auditor Yost to develop ShareOhio.gov[41] - a website that, at no cost to local governments, helps communities share equipment.[42]

Electoral history

Ohio Auditor Republican Primary Election, 2010
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Dave Yost 457,820 64.88
Republican Seth Morgan 247,848 35.12
Ohio Auditor Election, 2010
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Dave Yost 1,882,010 50.22
Democratic David Pepper 1,683,330 44.91
Libertarian Michael Howard 182,534 4.87
Ohio Auditor Election, 2014
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Dave Yost (inc.) 1,711,927 56.98
Democratic John Patrick Carney 1,149,305 38.25
Libertarian Bob Bridges 143,363 4.77


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