Dean of Salisbury

The cloisters at Salisbury Cathedral

The Dean of Salisbury is the head of the chapter of Salisbury Cathedral in the Church of England. The Dean assists the archdeacon of Sarum and bishop of Ramsbury in the diocese of Salisbury. The current Dean is the Very Reverend June Osborne, who was installed in 2004.

List of deans

High Medieval

Late Medieval

  • 1297–1309 Peter of Savoy
  • 1308–1311 William Rufati
  • 1311–1346 Reymund de Fargis
  • 1346–1347 Bertrand de Fargis
  • 1347–1374 Reynold Orsini
  • 1374–13 August 1379 (d.): Giacomo Cardinal Orsini
(cardinal-deacon of San Giorgio in Velabro; also
Archdeacon of Leicester and Archdeacon of Durham)

Early modern

Late modern


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