Henry Brandeston

Henry Brandeston
Bishop of Salisbury
Elected 2 January 1287
Term ended 11 February 1288
Predecessor Walter Scammel
Successor Lawrence de Awkeburne
Other posts Dean of Salisbury
Consecration 1 June 1287
Personal details
Died 11 February 1288
Denomination Catholic

Henry Brandeston (or Henry of Braunstone) was a medieval Bishop of Salisbury.


Brandeston held the offices of archdeacon of Wiltshire, archdeacon of Dorset, and Dean of Salisbury, all in the diocese of Salisbury.[1][2]

Brandeston was elected bishop on 2 January 1287 and consecrated on 1 June 1287.[3] He was enthroned at Salisbury Cathedral on 19 October 1287.[4]

Brandeston died on 11 February 1288.[3]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Walter Scammel
Bishop of Salisbury
Succeeded by
Lawrence de Awkeburne
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