Directed by Nitai Palit
Produced by Dhira Biswal
Written by Amulya Kumari Patnaik
Starring Sarat Pujari,
Prasant Nanda,
Sriram Panda,
Parbati Ghosh,
Dhira Biswal
Music by Upendra Kumar
Cinematography S. Swant
Edited by Ramesh Joshi
Progressive Films Productions
Distributed by Progressive Films Productions
Release dates
  • 30 March 1973 (1973-03-30)
Running time
278 min
Country India
Language Odia

Dharitri is an Odia social satire drama released on 30 March 1973. It is based on Amulya Kumari Patnaik's novel in the same name. Sarat Pujari, Prashant Nanda, Sriram Panda, Parbati Ghosh & Dhira Biswal acted in key roles.[1][2][3][4]


Girish Choudhury is a pseudo social activist and politician. He has two sons, Subhendu and Sudhir. To get popularity in society he gets his daughter-in-law from a poor family for his son Subhendu. Subhendu doesn't like his wife Mamata and stays in town and engaged in contracting business with the help of his father. Grish's wife always tortures Mamata and ask for dowry. Mamata silently bears all the pain and torture caused by her mother-in-law. Sudhir, a revolutionist doesn't accept the things happens in his house and revolt back against his father, mother and brother. at last he gets success uniting Subhendu and Mamata.



The Music for the film is composed by Upendra Kumar

Song Lyrics Singer(s)
Pirati Tora Duru Juhara Brundaban Jena Chita Ranjan Jena, Sipra Bose
Prananatha Naileta Jibana Hari Sibabrata Das Sipra Bose
Sapanara Pathe Pathe Sibabrata Das Sikandar Alam
Swargadapi Gariyasi Janani Maa Dharitri Sibabrata Das Shyamal Mitra
Mohan He Mohan Narayan Prasad Singh Nirmla Misra
Barambar Dele Parichaya Narayan Prasad SinghSikandar Alam, Sipra Bose



Actor Sriram Panda debuted in the film. Actress & director Parbati Ghosh appeared in the film as Chandana.




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