Not to be confused with Dharti (2011 film).

Directed by C.V. Sridhar
Starring Rajendra Kumar
Waheeda Rehman
Music by Shankar Jaikishan
Release dates
6 February 1970
Country India
Language Hindi

Dharti ("Earth") is a 1970 Bollywood action film directed by C.V. Sridhar. The film stars Rajendra Kumar and Waheeda Rehman. It is a remake of the 1969 Tamil language film Sivandha Mann that starred Sivaji Ganesan.


Vasantpur is a small princely state adjacent to India. It is ruled by a kind king (Pahari Sanyal), but his general, Diwan (Ajit), who is a cruel man, is planning to take over Vasantpur with the help of Dutch powers. Meanwhile, king's inspector general Chandrashekhar (Balraj Sahní) son, Bharat(Rajendra Kumar) gets his higher education from London. There he meets king's daughter, Jwala(Waheeda Rehman) alias Chitralekha. They both fall in love. After sometime, Bharat gets the message of his fellow friends that Vasantpur is falling in the clutches of cruel Diwan and he flees to Vasantpur with Jwala. Following their adventures they take Dikky (Rajendranath) and Rosey (Kumkum) under their wing.When there two attempts to kill Diwan are ruined, they devise a plan to kill Diwan in his own palace. But the cruel Diwan has imprisoned Chandrashekhar and king and is going to become Vasantpur's king. Now what fate has in store for Bharat and the entire Vasantpur.



# Title Singer(s)
1 "Khuda Bhi Aasman Se" Mohammed Rafi
2 "Jab Se Ankhen Ho Gai Tumse Char" Mohammed Rafi
3 "Yeh Mausam Bheega Bheega Hai" Mohammed Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar
4 "Yeh Albeli Pyar Ki Raahen" Mohammed Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar
5 "Meri Gali Mein Aaya Chor" Lata Mangeshkar
6 "Ishq Ki Main Beemar Ki Vallah" Lata Mangeshkar
7 "Dheere Dheere Bolo" Asha Bhosle

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