Dorthealyst (Holbæk Municipality)

Dorothealyst is a listed, Neoclassical house situated 10 km southwest of Holbæk in Holbæk Municipality, Denmark.


The house was built by Christian Ditlev Lunn. In 1774, the 37 years old Lunn married the 13 years younger Dorthea Cathrine Knudsen. The following year he acquired Knabstrup Manor at Holbæk. He constructed Dorothealyst as a widow seat for his wife.[1] The house was built in 1799-1802 to design by Philip Lange, a son of the more famous architect Philip de Lange.[2] The property never came to serve its intended purpose since Lunn in spite of the age difference outlived his wife. Lunn instead lived in the house himself after passing Knabstrup on to his their son Villars.[3]


The estate is owned by the artist Marianne Seidenfaden and her family.[4]

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