Dynamo Kazan Bandy Club

Dynamo Kazan
Founded 1958
Based in Kazan, Russia
Stadium Raketa Stadium (7,500)
Head coach Andrei Stuk
National championships 1 (2011)
World Cup champions 1 (2011)
Sami Laakkonen in 2011 playing for Dynamo Kazan.

Dynamo Kazan (Russian: Дина́мо-Каза́нь; formerly Raketa (Russian: Ракета) 1958–2008) is a professional bandy club from Kazan, Russia, established in 1958 and playing in the Russian Bandy League since 1996. The club plays at Raketa Stadium, an outdoor artificial ice arena of 5,000 spectators' capacity in the outskirts of Kazan. New indoor arena is due by 2015 in the historical center of the city, right next to the Kazan Kremlin.

In the 2010–11 season the club won the Bandy League for the first time, and thus became Russian bandy champions.





Dynamo Kazan-2

Dynamo Kazan's second team Dynamo Kazan-2 plays in the Russian Bandy Supreme League, the second tier of Russian bandy.[1]


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