FFA State Institute Challenge

FFA State Institute Challenge
Founded 2009
Region  Australia
Number of teams 9
Current champions FFV NTC
Most successful club(s) FFV NTC
SASI (2 Titles)
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The FFA State Institute Challenge is a youth soccer tournament organised by Football Federation Australia. The tournament is held in December (was also held in July 2009 and January 2010) on a yearly basis at the Australian Institute of Sport headquarters in Canberra, Australia. The tournament was first held in 2009.[1]


Each state is entered into a group and one round of matches takes place. As an added incentive to the participating teams, apart from accumulating points in the traditional manner for wins and draws, the FFA Technical Committee awards daily bonus points for the states that played most in line with the FFA’s National Curriculum and, at the end of the tournament, an extra 5,3 or 1 bonus points based on the manner in which the teams played throughout the week. The group winner and plays against the state with the most bonus points in the Final. The final winner then plays against an All-Star team composed of the best players in the tournament for that particular year.

Participating states

Tournament final winners

Titles Team Years
2 NSWIS 2009, 2012
2 SASI 2010 (winter), 2010 (summer)
2 FFV NTC 2013, 2014
1 QAS 2011


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